Wednesday, August 18, 2010

shopping is fun

I found the Coffemate Peppermint Mocha I mentioned in the last post.  And lets say it might sound magical, but it doesn't taste magical.  I was quite thrilled to find it at our local supermarket and despite the I-normally-wouldn't-pay-these-three-whole-dollars-for-this-novelty-item, I did.  And kind of regret it.  But I guess I would've never known if I had not tried it!  So I've been pouring it into my coffee for the past three mornings.  I figured I've paid for it now, so now I'll use it until it becomes an acceptable amount to toss away.  :-P  It's not terrible, the peppermint (or maybe it's the mocha part?) just tastes unacceptably artificial for my palatte.

In other recent news...

I picked up this top from Old Navy.  I don't usually shop there, but I occasionally go in to browse clothes for the husband.  It was tax-free weekend, so it was $9 out the door!  I really like it cause it's like... so happy.  :oP  The grey one was super cute too but they didn't have anymore in my size.

Someone gifted us with a Pier 1 Imports giftcard, so we went to find something(s) we liked.  :]  I got just the bowl in this collection and LOVE. IT.  It makes me happy to eat my cereal (or ice cream or whatever) out of it.  :]  I also really liked the cups/mugs too but... we didn't really need them.  (And you kind of have to buy them in pairs right?  Cause one mug would be weird....?)

We checked out Pier 1 in Ithaca and found this wall decor GIANT SPOON (and fork):

This picture doesn't convey how big it was at all!  The specs are 10.5"W x 4"D x 46.5"H and it is basically 75% of my height.  :-P  But they SADLY did not have it at the store we went to here (in the Cambridge area) so we had to settle for other things.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

peppermint mocha

This looks magical.  Year round joy.
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