Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is here!

The winner of this year's overachiever tree!!

It got quite brisk around here, and then the weather decided to get all humid and thunderstormy.  So.  I'm not really sure fall knows it's place yet.  :]

In other news... SO BUSY.  So so so busy.  Partly because... I'm now working full time!  I was previously working a sweet part time schedule, done by 4pm and with Fridays off!  (Which is when I blogged.)  Since I no longer have Fridays off to do laundry, blog, and watch TV online... my blogging has come to a stand still.  :(

To add to the busyness, this weekend, Heidi and Jobe are coming to visit!  Exciting!  :D  And then next weekend, Courtney's coming about.  Then the following weekend is the previously-alluded-to baby shower.  MAN oh man.  So much stuff going on.  But it's all good.  :]

Will hopefully maybe some time find something interesting to post about.  You know, before it's 2012.  EEP!

Monday, September 12, 2011

game girl

So ridiculous.  HAHAHAHA.

I hope it's a costume.  Do you think it's a costume?  :oP

Comes in black too.  Game boy girl slim?

Tim said it'd be cool if the screen was an LCD you could play a game on!  But... I think gaming marketing would change (as in go downhill for classiness and uphill for sales) if they had chicks wearing this where guys could play a game on the screen!!  o_O

Friday, September 9, 2011

worthy of the calling

[Warning: Actually thoughtful post.  No pictures.  Just words.  May be too serious for some.  You have been warned.]

This is by no means my first blog.  That was a fun place over at LiveJournal, where to this day, the interface is how I set it to be.  (You can learn from that, Facebook!  Changing things every few months.  It's annoying.  Don't fix what ain't broke.)

Anyway, when Google started taking over the world, I started a blog on Blogger named after a song by Bebo Norman.  I didn't blog too much since those were the awesomely wonder years of college where I was having too much fun in real life to blog.  (Not that I'm not having fun in real life now.  It's different!)  :]  Since all the blogs you own or are a part of show up in your Blogger dashboard, I saw that old blog and browsed through it.  Nothing terribly interesting until I came upon a post I posted on January 3, 2007.  I had just attended Urbana '06, a giant Christian conference aimed at college students that only occurred every three years.

This was the post:

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Many went to Urbana expecting to be told by God what they are to do with their lives.

I received my calling at Urbana '06.

I did not expect thunder and lightning to reveal a moment of revelation.

He did not give it to me.

I had no expectations for Urbana '06.

Yet God exceeded them.

He answered unprayed prayers.

He spoke to me.

He did not tell me what to go to grad school for.

He did not tell me what my career, if I have one, will be like.

He did not tell me who I am going to marry.

He did not tell me whether I will get into grad school.

He did not tell me whether I will get a job.

But He did tell me what my calling is in life, which is to live for Him.

Anything else is really secondary.

"Live a life worthy of the calling." ~ Ephesians 4:1

As I read that today, I kinda blinked and then smiled cause... WOW.  I went to grad school, I got married, and I have a job.  Hindsight is always, of course, more interesting, and to stand on "the other side" looking back on what I didn't know... all sort of coming to pass since then.  But the greatest reminder which I often forget... is that back then... I "figured out" what my calling is in life -- to live a life worthy of the calling.  Something solid in the fluidity of the unknown.  Is it better to know that and not all the stuff I know now?  Probably.  But I should make something of that --- to know all those uncertainties back then... and to live a life worthy of the calling.  Of course there will be all sorts of other things I don't know now that will make sense later.  :]

Blogs are kind of fun to look back on and go "what was I thinking?!" but also to see how far and how much we've grown.  The things we've learned.  Our experiences.  Those raw in-the-moment emotions we went through.  In a 3 page blog post.  (Oh I know you have those!  :oP)

I'm gonna go think some more about this while I cook dinner.  Maybe.

Do you ever go back on old blog posts?  Or {gasp} those things called journals with the paper where used a pen...?

day of labor

Labor Day was a day of fun!  :]  We went on an adventure with our friend from church, Karen.  Our plan was to go to Walden Pond in Concord, MA, once home to Henry David Thoreau.

However, the parking lot to Walden Pond was FULL, so we rolled down the street and checked out the deCordove Sculpture Park & Museum!  (Except the museum part was closed.)

We admired the scuptures and added our own spin to things...

There was no plaque for this sculpture so I named it "The Poops"

Ancient rain doorway

LOL this is one of my favorites - depth perception!

Walden Pond!  We were swimming in it so there aren't too many pictures once we got there.  We grabbed some sandwiches from a cute shop in "downtown" Concord (or rather, it was a "main street") and then brought them to the pond.

Wild life! :] See the froggy?

Mini replica of Thoreau's house

It actually took awhile to conjole me to get into the water.  The water of a pond in nature!!  I finally gave in and got in.  :]  However, my dislike of playing in nature was reaffirmed when I woke up the next morning, accutely aware of the 10 bug bites I'd acquired.  Tim, who usually doesn't get too many bites because his hairy arms and legs alert him to bugsy intentions, got 10 bites too!  After a few days, we were also able to determine a few different species of bugs gnawed at us since they all looked sort of different.  >_<  Now almost a week later, I am still slathering on the hydrocortisone.

Note to self: get some bug spray.

What did you do for Labor Day?  Do you like nature?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

word maps

I love maps. Design. And cities. So you'll see why I love these!

Look it's SF!  But wait... lets get a closer look....

The streets are made of their street names in words!!!  (Source)

SF will always be my favorite city and it's extra special since I'm far away from it!  I LOVE this one extra since it's letterpress and mono-colored.  However, it's $95!  There's a print for $30 but it's multi-colored and I'm not as huge of a fan of that one as this.  I actually found out about this when my boss ordered two of the letterpress (one in black and one in blue) and got them shipped to the office, and she let me oogle over them.  :]

There's also one for Boston (as well as NYC, Wash DC, and Chicago):

Boston is now my second favorite city and current home, so there is extra love for Boston as well.  :]  It would make for a great souvenir when we move back West?  hahah.

And today a friend posted this site, Transprtnation on my FB wall:

I think the Boston one looks more interesting, and it's more relevant to me since I take it almost everyday!  (The SF one is so... boring!)  I kiiiinda feel like it's sort of a knock off of the previous street-name-word for streets but in this case for transit.  But it's a neat spin and a transportation/design geek would love this.  (Easy gift at $25 a pop!)  :]

Do you like maps?  Design?  And cities?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

the aftermath

Eastern Massachusetts got off pretty easy with Hurrican Irene, I think.  We only felt gusty winds and rain.  In our neighborhood there was a bunch of leaves and branches in the street and we only saw one downed power line a few blocks away.

Downed branches and tree limbs in Harvard Yard:

Everyone was preparing pretty seriously for it since I guess you never know which path it will take.  All the bottled water and flashlights were gone at Target except for one or two when we went to the store Friday morning (for the forecasted hurricane on Sunday).  The city sent out emails urging residents to stay indoors and to prepare enough water and food for at least three days incase water pipes sustain damage.  The MBTA (our subway/bus system) was SHUT DOWN all day Sunday, which is a big deal!

While we are thankful we "got off easy" with minimal damage, western Mass and other areas in Hurricane Irene's path did not: CNN Photos: Irene pummels East Coast.  Definitely put things in perspective how blessed we are that after the winds died down, we even went out to dinner that evening!  Irene might've threw a wrench into our weekend plans to take our visitors out of town a bit to see sea-side Rockport, but I'm glad we were all okay.  It was kind of like a rainy day in.  Though a bit too humid for hot chocolate.  :]

It was an interesting experience since I've never been in a hurricane before.  AND... my brother and cousin were here so instead of preparing enough water and food for two people for at least three days, it was now four mouths!  Though I don't think we took it as seriously as we should have (I did, I tried!) in terms of actually stocking up on water and food.  I bought a case of water and filled a few pitchers/jugs and picked up a few packaged snacks, but it probably wouldn't have been enough we were hit any harder.  We didn't even lose power, thank God!

Friday, September 2, 2011

alvin and sharon

Adventuring with my brother and cousin!

Ferrying to Charlestown

I showed them where I work and made them help with our film festival  :oP

We blew up and all those balloons!  Up up and away!

We forced them to play a board game.  Look how much fun they're having!

Dinner at the Kebab Factory


Border Cafe!

At Al Fresco for Sharon's birthday dinner!

We watched the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy over the course of Sharon's visit.  Extended version.  This was part of her birthday gift.  The watching with her.  hahah.

Took 'em to the Museum of Science


I matched our house  :oP

<3  <3  <3 

the inlaws visit

It's been a busy past two weeks with out of town guests!  Tim's parents came to visit for a week and then the day following their departure, my brother and cousin came to visit!  It was all great fun though we are also enjoying not entertaining (or eating out!) these few days.  :]

We haven't seen Tim's parents since Christmas and we won't be seeing them for awhile since we're going to my house for Christmas this year, so it was awesome they came to visit.

We took them around the city!

And to Cape Cod!

Tim made a sand guitar

We ruled the sea!

Visited the Taza Chocolate Factory!  A local place that makes stone ground chocolate.

And threw Tim a surprise birthday party with lots of ice cream cake!!!  :-D
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