Tuesday, April 26, 2011

diy chalk embroidery hoop signs

Saw this DIY: Chalk Embroidery Hoop Signs project on Hostess with the Mostess.  So cute and simple!

Cute decor idea for a wedding!  Or any party really.  :]  And they would be reusable!

Friday, April 22, 2011

got your mother's day card?

Terrible blogger much?  Oh busy much am I!  I don't even really have a weekend this week since I've got to sit in on our first-time home buyer's class tomorrow and Sunday from 9am-3pm!  :(

Anyway... if you haven't heard.... and you haven't gotten your mama a mother's day card yet (Mother's Day is May 8 this year)... this PSA is for you  :]

TinyPrints.com offers any Mother's Day Card for free via code "MDLOVE"  That's a perk for you since the point of this post was really just to show off these two awesomely cute cards.  haha.


Friday, April 15, 2011

SF in the Spring: Part 2

Was gonna post a lot sooner this week but it felt like a really long week!  Perhaps it was cause I was off last week and it takes extra effort to get back into things.

Part 1: The People, the Place and now...

Part 2: The Food.  haha, I basically... saw family and friends, and ATE.  A lot.  There is good food in SF that just doesn't compare in Boston!  (Though Boston is much better than say, Ithaca.  haha)

WARNING.  Do not proceed if you are hungry!

[Lime Tree]  Southeast Asian fare

[Home]  Hotpot!

[Pisces]  Grilled Meyer Natural Angus Flat Iron Steak with duck fat fries, mushrooms & green beans

[Pisces]  Fruit Quesadilla with knob creek butter pecan gelato. 
The cheese inside kinda threw me off...  o_O

[Kevin's Noodle House]  Mandatory pho.  <3

[Kevin's Noodle House]  Fried Shrimp Cakes! 

[Maru Ichi]  Kuro Ramen

[Kara's Cupcakes]  Chocolate Velvet!

[Home]  Melon (and other things) soup!

[Home]  Pork shoulder, curry fishballs, and bok choy!

[Kevin's Noodle House in Daly City]  Never too much pho!

[Lam Hoa Thuan]  Half a pound of roast pork.  That I ate all by myself.  Doo doo doo....

[Home]  Trader Joe's Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

[Home]  Fresh mango!

[Moonstar]  Round 1

[Moonstar]  Round 2  
(Round 3 and 4 not pictured  :oP)

[Krispy Kreme]

[Krispy Kreme]  Sprinkles, my favorite!

[In-n-Out]  You were so, so delicious.  :]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SF in the Spring: Part 1

Went home to visit family (and friends) last week!  Such faaaaantastic weather.  :]  Thanks San Francisco for being such a pal.  Except for the fact that I brought a bunch of sweaters home, since it was still 40° in Boston and SF is... normally on the chilly side!

Part 1: The People, the Place

Hello Sunrise

Product of cross-country jetlag

This is a picture of me with the Pho.  Which is important.  To every trip to SF.  :-D

Thanks for being sunny and warm!

Sanatana Row's flowers were beautiful!

Joy Luck Club  :oP

Part 2: The Food will be next!

fingerprint cut outs

Umm.... just really, really cool!  By paper cut artist Lori Danelle.

And also really, really expensive!  haha.  But she does do this by hand so...
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