Saturday, February 25, 2012

rising table

We need a coffee table.  This one would be space efficient.  :D  And awesome.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Originally saw this on Epbot's post on Megacon today...


Jen the Epbot lady (they are also behind Cake Wrecks!) bought a print of this for like, $15.  I WANT PLEASE!  :]

Thursday, February 9, 2012

double walled glass

I don't know why but I love this Starbucks double wall glass.

Look.  How pretty it is.

Perhaps I should join that newfangled Pinterest so I can "bookmark" all the random things I like.  :oP  But I hate bandwagoning so I'll need a really, really good reason to.

i need coffee

This made me laugh.  :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


It's only... February 4th... I can still talk about resolutions right? :)

I wasn't really hardcore on setting resolutions this year. But more like... nice goals to have this year. I've already broken a few but it's about having the end goal in mind, right? :]

So here they are:
- having more meatless meals
- more social/fellowship gatherings
- no paper cups - bring reusable cup!
- no sugar in coffee

Meatless meals
- I don't know about you but sometimes it feels like for a meal there's gotta be the starch, the meat, and the veggies. Last year, though not always intentionally, we tried to have 2-3 meatless meals during the week. Sometimes it was because we didn't have time to defrost after coming home from work, and sometimes it was more intentional in not needing meat in our meals.  And in general, we definitely need more green things in our meals.  :]

Social/fellowship gatherings
- To hang out with people more! Being married provides you with constant and instant companionship! And I think it (including dating) makes people lazy to actually go hang out with other people. It's easy to go see a movie just the two of you, but in our community group (aka Bible study), there are single people and I want to make sure there are lots of group activities that everyone can participate in.

No paper cups
- I love my Starbucks but I don't love waste! This is less so jumping on the green, don't waste bandwagon than me actually, finally realizing how much unnecessary waste I help generate! So my goal this year is to either bring my own coffee mug or if I know I'll be staying in the coffee shop, to get it "for here."  I've already broken this rule twice... but I still have 11 more months to make it right! Bringing my own coffee mug doesn't seem like a hard task but I don't like lugging it around when my bag is heavy enough or I don't like toting around a dirty cup, so I will need to put in extra effort for this.  I encourage you if you're going to be sitting in the coffee cup to get your drink of choice in real cup.  :)  You don't even have to do the dishes!

Starbucks with my honey!

No sugar in coffee
- This has been going fantastic. :) I still put cream in, I'm not that hardcore yet. But I feel like it's a small goal accomplished every morning that's a good thing for me. I haven't cut out all sugar but now there's that extra cushion space. :oP

My sugar of choice.  Say no!  (Source)

And of course, a daily, yearly, lifelong resolution... is this:
No, our job as Christians is simply this, I think: to keep company with Jesus. In prayer. In God’s life-giving words. With other Christians. Our assessment of how we’re doing — or not doing — is less important than simply being with Him and letting Him lift the unhealthy yokes we hoist onto our own shoulders.

Where intentionality does come into play, of course, is making space in my life to appropriate that truth. It doesn’t happen magically or automatically. I still have to choose to be with Jesus. Frankly, I struggle with doing that consistently, too. Despite those failures, though, Jesus keeps whispering, “Come. Be with Me. Lay down your burdens. Walk with Me."
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