Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Star.Fish

Yesterday when I left work I saw a starfish in a tree!  It was quite a sight!  :D


Saturday, November 26, 2011


Etsy (an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies, according to Wiki) is a dangerous place.

But I might've just gotten a good portion of my Christmas shopping done.  With custom gifts.  So HOLLA!  :D

I also had a wonderful date day with the husband at the New England Aquarium today!  :D

Giant Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall!  :D

Friday, November 25, 2011

birthday 2011

Is it too early for new year resolutions?  :]  I think I'd like to post more thoughtfully next year!  This is not the result of deep pondering but I'd like to think and use more words next week.

But it's still 2011 so here are more pictures!  A few weeks back we celebrated my birthday with dinner at Garden at the Cellar the evening before and a Tim Be Told concert!

"Homemade tator tots" - can we say fried balls of mashed potatoes?  :D 

My roast chicken dish that was meh.  :o\

Tim's hanger steak w/ delicious frites!

On Sunday/my birthday, I got to satisfy my hankering for curry katsu!  :D

In the evening, Tim Be Told concert at MIT!  It was super small (which was nice).

Tim Be Told!

The biggest surprise and my favorite present!  :D  Thanks honey!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tommy & Fall

Meet Tommy our toddler pumpkin!

We Tim carved him on Halloween and then we had to dispose of him cause he already had mold on his butt.  :(

But isn't he cute?  He's got only one toof!

Here's some fall foliage... which we will be saying goodbye to soon cause it's been gettin' cold here!

Harvard Yard


My camera doesn't do it justice.  It was firey red!

Morning sunshine!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SCC concert!

If you know me at all... or at least if you've known me long enough, you know that my favoritest artist is Steven Curtis Chapman.  I know.  He's an old fogey.  :oP  But he does have great, new material!  (He also just became a grandpa!)

I believe this is my... 6th.. ish SCC concert?  :]  I've lost track.  haha.  I had to look at his discography to count the CDs that had tours that I went to.  :oP  There was one concert I have no recollection of but I had bought a very expensive t-shirt... so I must've went right?

This, I believe, was also my anniversary present.  :oP

Anyway... my husband is now my mandatory willing concert mate, and my old pal (from 6th grade, holla!) Courtney visited that weekend, so she went to the concert with us too!  It was in a random town an hour southwest in Shrewsbury, MA.

We got there kinda late so we got stuck behind this giant black screen by the sound booth.  BOO.

SCC opened.  OPENED with his openers and basically played alongside the whole concert.  LOVE that format.  It was really casual and fun and great.  :D

Andrew Peterson --- sings high.  Very high.

Josh Wilson --- pretty snazzy on that git-tar

It was a great time.  :D  However, he mostly just played... through the years... which is mostly fun I think if you've been along for the ride through the years.  I enjoyed it but it also "sounded" like the past few concerts of his I've been to.  A little more so this time since his latest CD is most remixes of his older tunes  plus like 3 new songs (which he did 2 of at this concert).  (See the uuuuugly black screen that was in our way??  We couldn't see when we sat.)

We went to Costco the next day. :D

All in all, it was a fun time and I will probably go to more concerts out of love and loyalty.  :oP  But I may require some more new material next time, SCC!  ;]

onesies for Jade

So we got baby Jade (or her parents?) a ducky hooded bath towel plus these onesies I made.  :)  They were all iron ons like from here!

Her daddy's a med student and her mommy's a nurse practicioner.  Appropriate, I'd say.  :D

Her daddy had taken to calling her Katana (as in the Japanese sword)  :D

This one is slightly like a previous one for Nevan but makes more sense now!  As in soccer + jersey makes a little more sense than a ducky + jersey.  o_O  ALSO, her parents both played a lot of soccer when they were younger!

I also made them this print and put it in a white frame.  To go with the ninja theme.  :D

This was too much fun.  Common'.  Someone else have a kid!  And... go!  ;]

pink and brown

So behind on posting!  Lets start by catching up on that baby shower I co-hosted over a month ago!

Behold!  The diaper cake I'm super proud of!!  :D

The spread.  Nothing too fancy.

Ashley's mom made this amazing cake!

These were the "guetsbook cards" where people could write their "guesses" and then a message for the expecting couple on the back!

Guess how big the mommy's tummy is!  :D

Our guest of honor!

Then we played pin the bottle on the baby!

Me and my co-host, Ashley!  We unplannedly wore brown dresses with white polka dots (as our theme was pink, brown, and white polka dots)!!  :D

I love planning parties!  :D  It was like... a bridal shower but with a different theme!  hehe.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I haz internets!

HELLO!  I have not been blogging not by choice!  Our wireless went poops (needed a reset) but our landlords (who share their internets with us) had just left for a week in Europe!  I had to like read books... do crafts... have conversation... Man!  But they've returned and apparently, reset their router so I have internet now.  :D  For some reason it worked on my laptop but not Tim's computer the first day and then for the following 6 days, it worked on Tim's computer but not mine.  :(  So I got to check my mail and use the internet (also, thank goodness for smartphones!) but didn't really have the time or my pictures to blog!

Hopefully with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up (yay!) I can catch up!  :]

See you soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

antarctica is safe

I read that spiders inhabit every continent on Earth except for Antarctica.

Antarctica is safe.
(Source, with edits)

 And this ice tunnel cave has nothing to do with spiders.  It's just way super cool.  :]


Sunday, October 30, 2011

cruisin' the Charles

So I've dabbled with Groupons, Living Social, and now Google Offers!  There was some article that came out a cople weeks ago that said these "coupons" weren't actually as big a discount as they sometimes tout!  One instance was a "Groupon" for a cleaning company that claimed it was 75% off, but then when the reporter or person called the cleaning company for a regular inquiry, the "Groupon" was really only a 30% discount.  (Or something like that.)  I haven't bought too many --- a few for restuarants we usually go to or restuarants/adventures we've been wanting to try.

Anyway.  A few months back, I saw a Groupon for a Charles River Cruise and picked up two for the in-laws visiting in August.  However, turns out they had plans and didn't really have time to use them!  So about a week before they expired, Tim and I went on a cruise on the Charles.  :]


As you can see... it was fun and scenic, but not very exciting.  :oP

The tour guide lady says this is the only place where a plane can fly over a car driving over a train that's going over a boat.  :]  Neato.

Do you buy Groupons (or the like)?
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