Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Nativity Story

Kinda like the Parisian Love Google search commercial... but funnier ;]

Orginally found on CNN (better quality there). Waaaatch it! It's funny :]

Monday, December 20, 2010

beautiful people

A month or two ago, I was browsing through Francis Chan's (well-known pastor from SoCal) website and blog and came upon this post under his Updates.  It made an impression on me.
For context, Lisa is Francis' wife and Emily Chapman is Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter!
September 2010
Last week, I met some of the most beautiful people…  Lisa and I flew to Nashville to film a television show that raised awareness for the 140 million orphans in the world (www.cryoftheorphan.org).  There we met couples that had adopted several kids out of difficult situations.  Some of the children had special needs, and some had medical issues that meant they probably did not have long to live.  Their desire was to show these children as much love as possible during their time on earth.  It was an amazing picture of the love of Christ.  We were inspired.

During dinner, we were speaking to Emily Chapman.  She was telling us about their orphanage in China.  Lisa and I told her that we were going to be in China soon and would love to visit.  We also expressed our desire to adopt any child that was in need.  She proceeded to tell us about a beautiful little boy that she thought would fit perfectly into our family.  We got pretty excited.  Then she explained that the boy had a spinal injury, so his legs did not work… 

After dinner, I asked Lisa, “Did you feel what I felt?  Were you excited until she mentioned that he couldn’t walk?”  We had a long talk that night, examining our lives.  We saw that God was revealing to us our self-centeredness. God did not adopt us because we were perfect.  He loved us because He is love.  He rescued us because He saw our need.  Having His Son die was not the convenient thing to do.  It was painful, sacrificial, and an amazing display of love. 

So we are starting the process of adoption.  We don’t know how long it will take or everything it involves.  If the Lord wills, it will work out for us to take in this little boy.  We know it will mean a huge adjustment to our lifestyle, but we also believe that he will be a major blessing in our lives.  While there is so much unknown, we are at peace.

"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world."    James 1:27

I could totally hear his voice and the way he would've said, "Did you feel what I felt?  Were you excited until she mentioned that he couldn’t walk?”  That part, that whole paragraph resonated with me because I know I'm lazy, I know I'm self-centered, and too often I don't do thing because they are not convenient.  But to be reminded of Jesus' great love for us, even though I'm lazy and selfish, is a bucket of ice water.  Modern conveniences make life... more convenient.  But loving and serving others, whether that is your brother or sister at church, or the homeless man on the street, takes effort and is frankly, often inconvenient.  But God's love for us surpasses that, so our love for others should as well.

Christmas is a grand time.  Though often clouded by pretty light displays and presents.  But it was only the beginning.  The start of the mission Jesus was rocketed to earth for.  Fueled by love.

Friday, December 17, 2010

tmnt key cover!

I unintentionally ended up spending 4 hours in Hahhhvard Square!  First it was the changing the name at the bank.  Apparently California BofA has it's own system separate from the rest of the country!  Then I wandered about, buying things I shouldn't buy, going to the post office to send off some packages and cards (fastest post office experience when there was a line though!), and then discovered a store that sells European food goods (and accidently buying things there too).

But lookie what I found at Urban Outfitters!!!  :-D 

Now I'm gonna go see if it actually fits on my key and go write some more Christmas cards!

TMNT anything is cool!

13 days since my last post?!  OH man!  Sorry for slacking.  Been a-busy.

Is "need" too strong a word when I say I need these?

They're keycaps btw...  And I've been looking for keycaps!  Don't know why Donatello looks a little pink though.  o_O

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving cards

I like cards. I like sending cards.  I like receiving cards.  So naturally, I wanted to send cards for Thanksgiving.  :]  I didn't want to buy a pack and only get like 6 cards, so I made my own!  With some "3D" self-adhering stickers that were on sale at Target and some cardstock I already had.

The short-front collection

The full-front collection

And these are some of my favorites:

I think this was the best of the batch, and my mommy got it  :]

Tim actually ended up taking this one and writing me a Thanksgiving note.  :-P 
I really like the orange + grey.  I thought it was kind of... modern.

Pumpkies!  This one went to the in-laws.

I think the cousin got this cheery apple one.  :]

I started with a minimalistic look.  Then thought about printing out "Happy Thanksgiving" and slappin' it somewhere on the front.  Got lazy and went with the minimalistic look.  :-P  I have a few that I haven't sent yet.  They were suppose to be Thanksgiving cards and then it would've arrived too late so I was like "paaawsh, I'll send them later," and then Thanksgiving passed, and I still haven't sent them.  So now they will be fall-is-on-its-way-out/"Merry Christmas even though this isn't a Christmas card but I'll probably be too busy to make those" cards.  :-P

Who wants one?

Friday, December 3, 2010

PSSA: Boots!

Whoo hoo!  I can load images now.  (Thanks for the tip Penga!  But I didn't care enough, went shopping instead and now it fixed itself.  haha.)

So.  Sears is not the first place I think of when I think of buying boots.  But they have boots!  For $30!  Granted they are not Grade A fancy pants boots, but if you're looking for fashion boots that won't necessarily touch snow or really need to keep you warm (ahem, Californians) and you're on a budget, give Sears a try!  I tried Target and even looked at Macys but they either had funny looks, sold out of my size, or were just too expensive.

Sear is currently have a boot sale and it seems like most of them were $30 for mid-calf boots and $25 for booties.

I got these:

Canyon River Blues Women's Taylor - Smooth Slouch Boot in Black

They also have this style, also called "Taylor" in suede.  I actually liked the style a lot better.  However even though they seem to be the "same boot" with different material, the smooth "leather"-esque one was more comfortable.  Here's the suede one in grey:

The guy who helped me get shoes from the back was really nice, friendly and helpful.  The first pair of the smooth Taylor's he gave me had this "mark" on it (looked like a pencil mark) so like a good Chinese person, I asked if they had another pair in the back.  He kindly brought me another mark-free pair.

I really liked these.  A lot.  They were suede and had some buckle strap things going on.  My favorite part actually the print lined inside!  But I think they ran a little long for my feet.  Like if it not squishy in the front, I could feel the heel lifting when I walked.  So I had to pass.  {sadface}

Then I found this pair!  Even though I normally would say I don't do "furrry," they looked really comfortable.

So I tried them on and they were SUPER comfortable!  However, they were scuffed all over!  They were super busy so I felt bad asking him to bring me another pair just because of some scuffs.  Like one pair yes.  A second pair, I can think of some names to call myself.  :-P  If they weren't so busy I would've definitely done it but eh.  This pair, especially since it's brown and I don't seem to own too many things that go with brown anymore, would be the "casual," shove my feet into when going out pair.  It was also $30 and seemed more "cold-weather" capable.  The scuffs did make me think about how they might last since they would get even more scuffed up in the real world!  Like if they were getting that scuffed up being tried on in the store, would they survive the outdoors?!  But they were comfy.  *sigh*  Perhaps I will get it the next time I go.  I also contemplated getting Costco-"Uggs" instead (which are also $30 and would be better quality) but my husband think those are ugly and I'm not a huge fan of the look.   Heard they're comfy though.

But finally some boots!  Though they seem more on the "formal" end and casual ones would be more useful on the daily basis.  :]

Then I used this Old Navy 30% off coupon and got some grey khakis for $14!  :-D  I didn't actually want them in this light grey [aka earl grey] but it was the only pair on the entire shelf in my size in short!  :(  I think the bootcut khakis are $30 and the flares are $20 but I asked and they just gave me the khakis for $20, then plus the 30%!  Sweet deal.  :]

broken blogger!

I've been trying to share my Thanksgiving cards, but I can't seem to post images!! :( This is been the case since yesterday :( I wonder if it's just my account since other people have been posting!

So... I will just wish Kevin a wonderful birthday and happy Friday to everyone!! And share this new comedian I just discovered, Joe Wong:

Strong accent, slightly awkward, but super funny :]  Also found out he's from the Boston area, so hopefully we can catch a show sometime!

Who has awesome weekend plans? Or non-awesome ones?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ACDC's annual report

Besides the slow posting due to Thanksgiving last week, this has also been what has been keeping me busy at work for the past month of my life.  :] 

Well... the front and back cover of a 24 page annual report at least!  You might be bored to death if I posted the entire thing.  :-P  (Unless you are interested in real estate development in affordable housing and what we've done this past year!)  But if you insist on reading it (or at least looking at the pictures) I can email you the PDF!  It was definitely the biggest design project I've worked on... that wasn't just for my own entertainment.  If I had more time and such, I would make it cooler.  hahah.  But as it is, I do stuff and other people approve.  And there was the whole deadline thing of getting it in time for our annual meeting & dinner last night.  (Where I finally got to hold it in my hands in print!)  The report is nothing spectacular, design wise, but I'm pretty proud of it.  Perhaps that is the case with anything you spend a month nursing!

Now I'm off to edit a bunch of pictures I took from said annual meeting.  How do you fix too-bright flash?!

Ah!  I still have to post about my Thanksgiving/Fall cards!  And of course, I was going to go boot shopping today but the sky decided to rain.  {shakes head}  And my Gmail background decided to show it's SNOWING.  (Which is not true.)

the costco way!

Tim and I joke I was more excited to get our Costco membership than getting married.  Which by the way, we have been for SIX MONTHS as of yesterday!  :]  Married that is.  It's kind of crazy that it has seemed so long (in a good way! haha) yet so short.  :]

Anyway, last weekend (after Thanksgiving) Costco gave away complimentary copies of their annual cookbook!  There are a ton of recipes under the categories of breafast, appetizers, beverages, salads and soups, side dishes, Chef's choice, entrees, and desserts!  All the ingrediants are things you can find at Costco!

My dad texted me about the free book like... Friday evening and we were too busy lazy to go to Costco that weekend.  He said I could have their copy.  :-P  BUT!  It is also ONLINE!  In a handy dandy PDF!  As well as their past NINE years of cookbooks.  :]

Here is the link to past Costco cookbooks PDFS  (Scroll down a little, to the left)

For some reason, the links on that page get all scrunched up at the bottom so the last cookbook I'm able to click on is 2004.  So incase you also have this problem and want 2002 and 2003, here is the link to some person's blog that has them all!  (Scroll to bottom of post)

Your recipe collection has now expanded a bajillion fold.  :]

Saturday, November 27, 2010

together we go around

Super cute PLATE from Etsy shop lepapierstudio.

I really like all the different activities the couple is doing around the plate!

Monday, November 22, 2010

starbucks peppermint mocha ice cream

First off... the Dryer's Peppermint + Chocolate ice cream was tasty!  But not like awesome because I think... it was minty sweet + chocolate sweet instead of minty + chocolate bitter which I feel what "real hot chocolate" is more like.  I think introducing the coffee aspect would make it even more delicious but it wouldn't be the ice cream version of the liquid peppermint mocha, if that makes sense.

Secondly... appearently I wasn't such an Einstein.

Peppermint Mocha ice cream already exists!  Made by Starbucks no less.  haha.  In your local grocery stores they say.  Drats!  I guess I'll have to make my millions the honest way!  ;]

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ninTENdo bed

Currently our bed is adorned with this lovely Ikea Alvine Kvist duvet cover and pillowcase cover set, over some grey Gaspa sheets, courtesy of my mother-in-law:

But clearly... our bed should look like this!

Awesomeness.  :-D  (Source)

random stumble

Random front-page stumble onto lulubugjewelry's Etsy shop.

Why are these so cute?

It's neat that the coloring in the inlaid of the animals and leaf is made from tinted concrete!

* I'm just oogling and lulubugjewelry has no idea who I am.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Genius in a bowl

I have an idea!

So currently in our freezer we have Dryer's Chocolate ice cream and Peppermint ice cream.  We aren't normally ice cream pigs but it just so happened to be a buy one get one free deal, so we were forced to buy two cartons.  :-P

Yay seasonal ice cream!  (Source)

We kind of love all things minty and chocolatey.  :-D

Now file that information away.

If you didn't know already, yesterday (Thurs) through Sunday is buy one get one free holiday drink at Starbucks between 2-5pm.

Holiday drinks include: Caramel Brulee Latte, Peppermint Mocha, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte, Caramel Brulee Frappuccino blended beverage, Peppermint Mocha Frappaccino blended beverage.

I went with some co-workers on Thursday and got my peppermint mocha.  It's basically what I look forward to every year in terms of their holiday drinks (even though I know you can order them any time of the year).

And you should go get one (or two).  Bring a friend.  Treat a stranger/homeless/gas attendant.  It is worth noting that this offer is not valid at all Starbucks.  The one closest to work is attached to a Doubletree Hotel and they claim it is independently owned.  Boo.  (So we walked 3 blocks to the next closest one.  haha)

Anyway.  Retrieve stored information you just filed away.

Remember how we have chocolate and peppermint ice cream in our freezer?  It just occurred to me sometime around 5:30pm today that... if we got some coffee ice cream...

... we could have PEPPERMINT MOCHA ICE CREAM. 

Yeah see, I told you it was a genius idea.  :-P  I probably should have tried this out before proclaiming my geniusness but... I thought I'd share!  :]  Unless Dryers stumbles upon my blog and steals my idea...  O_O

I was thinking we could currently mimic a peppermint hot chocolate maybe?  Since we don't really need three cartons of ice cream.  (My cousin would probably disagree with that statement.)  But then I found out they have Dreyer's Hot Cocoa!

So using that plus the peppermint ice cream might be more legitly peppermint hot chocolate.

It's 11:45pm right now but I think I will go try chocolate and peppermint ice cream!  :-D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

clean clean clean!

Since Penga blogged about her clean and tidy craft room, I will blog about how I cleaned the shower (which took like... 25-30 minutes since it was so dirty.  hah.), the counter, swept the kitchen, and vacuumed!  I also made Thanksgiving cards, watched the latest Grey's Anatomy, Family Guy, and The Simpsons.  I ate breakfast today, lunch twice, and made chicken strip snack wraps (for on the go!) for dinner since we had worship practice at 645pm (and Tim gets home at 6:30pm).

I am probably most proud of the clean shower since it's AH-SPARKLING.  I can't see the grime really well when I'm in the shower since I don't have my glasses on, so it's easy to ignore.  However, a whole 35% of our shower is glass, so it displays the grime really well when I'm not in the shower (and have my glasses on).  Vinegar is the key to cleaning glass showers!

I made Thanksgiving cards because... I didn't want to pay $5 for 6 cards in a pack.  I found some "Thanksgiving/Fall" 3D scrapbooky-like stickers on sale for like $1.60 at Target (with like 25 pieces or something), slapped them tastefully onto some cardstock and ta-da!!  I has me some Thanksgiving cards.  :]  Just because I like making/sending cards and who doesn't like mail? (That isn't a bill?)  I may share of them tomorrow or sometime this week.

I trimmed all my nails, but failed to paint my toes like I planned to and I did not pick up something I ordered from Crate & Barrel since I was going to go out around 4pm, looked outside, and realized it was almost DARK.  And it's about a mile there and a mile back (and I would be walking).  It will still be there tomorrow.

What productive things did you go today?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

shopping extravaganza

It was kind of a big win on the shopping front this weekend!

This past Thursday, after work I decided to pop into DSW (no luck there) and TJ Maxx downtown.  At TJ, I was looking for shoes but swung by the other sections and found this Talbot Cabled pima cotton v-neck sweater for $13!  (Annnd it makes it an even better deal that I actually found it on the website for $26.50.  :oP)

There is/was Gap/Old Navy/BR Give & Get Program 30% off anything this weekend, so on Friday I went to CambridgeSide Galleria and hit up Gap, Old Navy, H&M and some other random stores.  Can you believe there are no Gap's or Old Navy's downtown?!  Otherwise I would've gone on Thursday!  At H&M, I found this scarf.  For $3!  The plus was that Abby & Justine had gifted me with a coat for my birthday ---- which didn't fit, so I hauled it from SF to Boston, returned it, and thanks to high San Francisco tax, I got the coat and a couple extra dollars.  :oP  So with the couple extra dollars put towards ths scarf, I only had to pay 76 cents.  :D

Gap was terribly disappointing.  Nothing good on sale.  Nothing really good not on sale.  They were trying to move some 80s-esque, baggy merch.  No thanks.

I never used to shop Old Navy much but I feel like I have a lot more this year.  I think it's because 1) Gap has been disappointing and not cheap, 2) Old Navy has gotten better style, and has stopped printing their name/logo on everything.  I used to also not like Old Navy as much cause I didn't fit their stuff!  Their sizes were too big but I've since learned to pick and choose.  Sometimes their smalls are really small and sometimes they're too big!  Hardly consistent but that's what fitting rooms are for.  :]
I got three things.  All for $15 after the 30% off.
I found this ruffle-trim henley (for $7 after 30% off) which I thought was okay.  I need more long sleeves shirts (ahhhh winter!!) and it had some texture/design to it (that you can't really see on this black) so it wasn't just a plain long-sleeve tee.

Imagine this shirt... with my self-edited white stripes but in TAN.  For my other half, for $6.

For our nephew!  For $2.  :]  Gotta make sure he has some orange gear, yeah?  :]

I've been looking looking looking for some new flats and boots.  No success on the boots yet but I took advantage of DSW's 30% off coupon code (DSWSAVE expires 11.14.10) and their free shipping over $35 (SHIPR, requires free DSW membership) and got these Naturalizer Calva's for $34.99!  (I know I know.  Naturalizer, I'm such an old lady.  But hey, I gotta walk a mile to and from the train station!)

Yesterday, we went to Costco, Famous Footwear, and Old Navy (which were all in a plaza).  I found this purple shirt for $3.50 (after 30% off) and picked up a stocking stuffer item for the mother-in-law.

Randomly found this Matty M ladies tunic for $7.  SEVEN DOLLARS at Costco.  :]  Mine is a black/white/red combo and it doesn't come with the belt.  Sweet deal and it cinches at the waist (elastic) so it's not one of those babydoll pregger tops.  (Though I'm sure you could wear it if you're preggers too.)  It's kind of long... like it looks like a short dress?  So I suppose you could wear tights/leggings under and call it good.
Imagine a different print in black/white/red.  (Source)

I don't usually shop this much and considering the clothing purchases ranged between $2 and maxed out at $13, I think I did okay! 

So what did you do this weekend?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday adventures!

Last Saturday, Tim took me to Cape Cod for my birthday!  :-D  It was great fun.  Even though we didn't really have a plan... and kinda just went.  For our first stop, Tim just eyeballed the coast and picked some random person's house for the GPS!  haha.

They had THE coolest rocks there!

Nauset Beach, Orleans, MA

It was a fabulously fun day!  I love going on adventures and visiting new places.  I ALSO got to squeeze in a little shopping at the Cape Cod Shopping Mall since we were looking for a bathroom before heading out of town.  :-P  It was pushing 8:30pm by the time we got back home, so we went to The Kebeb Factory for dinner, which is literally down the street for us!
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