Saturday, September 7, 2013

And.... I'm baaaack!

Have ya missed me??  Oops - must have taken another summer hiatus.  Sometimes I'll open Blogger, stare at it, and then close the screen.  {sigh}  Anyway - hopefully I'll have a constantly steam of stuff to write about because... we just returned from a two week cruise to Europe!  :)  We hit "6" countries on this cruise (though one was technically just a long layover...) and had a great time.

I may catch up with my work trip to Chicago and other things that have happened since while sorting through my gazillion (or rather 1,196 on-camera) pictures.  :)  I have also been terrible with my emails, which is usually my favorite form of communication, so I need to tend to that first!

Enjoying the annual 3-ish-days of HOT weather in the Bay Area!  It's like we brought the Mediterranean weather home.  The "warm Mediterranean weather," since the Bay Area technically has Mediterranean climate.  Perhaps more often in the East Bay.  :]

Be back soon!
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