Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hunger Games movie

So Tim and I read the book a couple weeks ago. I ordered the box set at the beginning of April but Amazon ran out of 'em and they just shipped (20+ days later!) I requested the second book from the library but the line is L.O.N.G.

Excitedly, we went to see the Hunger Games movie last Saturday. Not to deter anyone from seeing it --- but we thought it was "okay." Don't get us wrong, it was an exciting movie, but we had some beef with the character development! And the shaky camera work made me dizzy at some parts. I suppose some people might not have seen it yet, so I don't want to spoil it but Tim and I both thought the book was way better.  Of course we know that movies don't usually cover books in their entirety, but we felt what was missing was kind of important!

I'm excited our box set is coming in next week (though I did just pick up The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta [the CNN doctor!] from the library today). I've also been going through Harry Potter since I never actually read the whole series when it was cool to be reading it. I had somehow managed to only read books 2 and 3 (sooo out of character of me to not read book one first?!) and then I believe... book 4 was too beastly of a book for me during a time in high school when I had a lot of work to do! I got it from the library, renewed it like 3 times and then gave up. But with all these exciting books this week, Harry book 4 will have to wait!

Have you seen the Hunger Games movie? Did you read the book first? Which one did you like better?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Brunch

As I mentioned before, we co-hosted an Easter brunch for our community group (aka small group, Bible study, cell group, etc.) on Easter Sunday.  I decided it was the perfect time to do some useless crafts that I will probably give me greater joy than anyone who sees them.  :)

The Easter banner!  I found an egg shape online, plunked it down in Photoshop, put in letters and printed them out!  I actually wanted them to print in color but forgot to change it from the default B&W setting, so I did have to color the letters in hand, so the lines weren't as clean.  But I don't think anyone noticed.  I used some cute clothesline clips with little floral egg shapes on them I got some Ikea to clip them to some baker's twine.

The flowers (daisies?  sunflowers?) were made from coffee filters and some construction paper.

Brunch was preeeeetty awesome and reeeeeally delicious.  :)

Tim concocted what he calls "strawberry cheesecake" waffles.  :)  The "spread" is sweetened cream cheese and we bought strawberry syrup!  (Who knew they made such a thing as strawberry syrup!)  You drizzle the strawberry syrup onto the cream cheese and it's supposed to taste just like strawberry cheesecake!

I made a menu!  Just because!  haha.  :)

See my tri-fold menu!  The cute little icons are from Kevin & Amanda, "best bite doodles"  That was probably my favorite part of the menu.  Except Jesus and Easter and Matthew 28:19-20.  ;)

A couple people did comment on the decorations so not all was lost.  :oP  And I made Tim look at them of course.  :)

Do you do crafts even if you feel like you're the only one who sees or appreciates them?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Amazing "Tron Dance"

Amazing "Tron Dance" performed by Wrecking Orchestra.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!  Remember, it's a LIVE performance on a stage.  Crazy lights to music sync.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Easter craft-snack I didn't do

So I first saw these little Easter "baskets" by Lisa Leonard via The Handcrafted Life but can-you-believe-this, I couldn't find the Cadbury eggs!  Granted I didn't run all over town to try to find them.  We co-hosted a brunch on Easter so I mostly looked at the supermarket we shopped at.  I sort of found these dried "chow-mein" looking things but then Tim said they weren't the right ones for these nests.  :(

Anyway... I sadly didn't get around to making these cute little things!  Perhaps next year and we'll get an early start on those Cadbury eggs!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hunger Games FTW!

I just finished reading this.  In a day.  At lunch.  On the train.  While walking home.  Before dinner.  After dinner.  I couldn't. Put. It. Down.  And that doesn't usually happen to me.  It happens to Tim all the time... he really likes his books... but just last night, I was finishing Harry Potter #2 (Chamber of Secrets) and didn't bat an eye at closing the book for dinner right when the slytherin snake was attacking!

I hate bandwagoning but Hunger Games is worth getting on the bandwagon for!  (Though I like to think of it as finally getting around to it and not bandwagoning.  Which is true!)  I wanted to read the books first since I end up picturing the actors and such if I watch the movie first, then read the books.  Kind of like Harry!  I've actually only read Harry Potter book 2 and 3 up until like last week, when I finally read book 1, and I haven't read the rest of the series.  Though now when I read I picture Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the movie.  :)

Anyway.  Highly recommend this one!  We ordered the hardcover set but it's ship date on Amazon is delayed.  So I got this copy from the library (the waitlist is ridiculously long but I think people read it fast, so I actually waited a relatively short time).  Hope our books come soon so I can read the second!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER!  :)  He is Risen!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

neato Easter things

We are hosting an Easter brunch for our small group/Bible study, so I decided to do some crafts to spruce up the place!  This is the result of things I thought were great inspiration!  Even though I didn't do any of them.  haha.

Martha Martha Martha.  I naturally looked to Martha Stewart for some craft ideas but 1) they were all too advanced and 2) I was all too lazy for most of them.  Though I did find these two I thought I could manage if I wanted to.  Except we don't own any cloth napkins so the second one is out.  But it's very cute!  :)

Paper Basket Bouquet  (Source)

Bunny Ears Napkins  (Source)

I got some "I <3 SF (way more) postcards from this Etsy seller before, so I thought these were quite cute.  :)  (Source)

MUNI eggs.  What could be cuter.  (Source)

I'll gather the crafts I DID make and post about them later.  :)
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