Saturday, June 2, 2012

Life in Pictures - FFF

I've been terrible at blogging but I've been good about taking pictures.  Sort of.  I kinda joined the Instagram bandwagon.  AND I LIKE IT.  :]  So here are some life adventures.  In five foto fun installments.  :]

Random dinner (date night?  How do you distinguish eating out from date nights now?  :oP) at Russell House Tavern.  Loooove the garlic alioli for the fries.

Our Costco sells ALCOHOL NOW.  Whoo hoo!!  It's in a caged area and I think it's like... a third party seller or something.  (Different from how it's done in California!)  A bunch of wines and a handful of beers by the case!

We got to babysit this munchkin!  She was educated in piano playing and programming while at our house.  :D

She's so cute.  :D  CHUBBY LEGS.

Boston Mayor Menino -- on Tenants Rights.  This is what I do for work sometimes.

Stay tuned for the next installment of five foto fun!  :oP
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