Sunday, March 24, 2013

So busy!

Sorry been MIA!  Been pretty with work and life in general.  Lots of back logged posts that I just need time to sit down and write!

Two weekends ago, Tim's brother was in town for the weekend to buy this sweet Lotus Elise!  I got to spend all day with him riding around in it.  :D

Lotus Elise

At work last week, we had a staff retreat/strategic planning all week which involved all day meetings and strategic thinking and then dinners in the evenings.  It was a good time getting to know co-workers, especially those who came over from DC, but it was a tiring week!

Who knew that March was closing out this week?!  My cousin is graduating this May and I've been busy making her a ribbon leiInstructions for the full lei is here.  I'll do a post on this one later on, but here is my work in progress!

There are a few more friends graduating this year but I don't think I have enough time to make them all one of those leis!  So I think I will want to try another variety (from Penga!)  like this:


I think Penga said it uses a lot less ribbon and... is faster once you get it?  :D

It's another busy work week for me with some travel, but I'll be back!  What have you been up to lately?  Or what has been keeping you busy?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentine Cards 2013: Fish, worms, and bears, oh my!

Sorry so laggy with my postings!  We had an unexpected (but pleasant, haha) house guest last week and it's been quite the busy weekend.

This is part two of the Valentine Cards I made this year.  (I need to hurry up before it becomes St. Patrick's day... or Valentine's Day 2014!)  You can see Part One here.

Fish, worms, and bears, oh my!
I originally say the fish Valentine Card below on Etsy and knew I wanted to make them! However, I waited until the night before to go to Target to get my Swedish fish. :oP While standing in the gummy aisle, I saw other gummy shapes and was inspired!


The clear bags are from Daiso ($1.50 for 25)!  Swedish fish and all other gummies from Target.

I found some fish bowl shape online, colored them in Photoshop and added some text.  These two say, "You're Fin-tastic" and "You're a great catch!"

The brown is supposed to be dirt and this one says, "You've wormed your way into my heart!"

This one says "I love you beary much!"

I printed out the shapes/bowls and cut them out.  (Maybe I'll get those templates on here sometime soon!)  Put the cut out in the clear bags, filled it with candy, and done!  :)  I did tape the bottom corners to the back to help hold the cut out bowl/shape in place a little better.  (I heard you can buy round bottomed bags from Michaels.)

Here are the final products!  I gave 'em out to my co-workers, my brother, and a couple of friends.  :)

"You're Fin-tastic" and "You're a great catch" I borrowed from the Internets, but I came up with the worm and gummy bear sayings all on my own.  While standing in the candy aisle of Target.  :D
Which one is your favorite?  :)

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