Thursday, July 15, 2010

random esty finds

Random Esty finds I thought were cute.  :]  From Joannarutter's Shop:

Lovebirds!  So sweet  :]  (Source)

I really dig this hoop-bird thing for some reason  :-P  (Source)

And who doesn't love a cute squirrel?  :oD  (Source)

I was actually on Esty because I found a wish list of mine and saw this on it:

But then decided I didn't really want it that much.  At least not for $32 dollars and now I'm on to see if they have anything similar to it.  :-P  I haven't found anything terribly exciting yet but these are cute:

Can't you just see this in some vintage e-shoot?  (Source)

Nerding it up  (Source)

Or dazzling up for special occasions  :-P  (Source)


  1. hehe, those are cute :) i wonder how hard it is to cut your own shapes out of metal? i bet you could do it with a laser cutter maybe. then you could make some dinos!

  2. my goodness. the lovebirds ARE really cute.
    i love browsing etsy! that's where i found my current wallet and i LOOOVE it.

  3. These accessories are so cute and awesome. I was finding for hat and church suits online when I happened to browse your blog. Great job!


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