Friday, April 15, 2011

SF in the Spring: Part 2

Was gonna post a lot sooner this week but it felt like a really long week!  Perhaps it was cause I was off last week and it takes extra effort to get back into things.

Part 1: The People, the Place and now...

Part 2: The Food.  haha, I basically... saw family and friends, and ATE.  A lot.  There is good food in SF that just doesn't compare in Boston!  (Though Boston is much better than say, Ithaca.  haha)

WARNING.  Do not proceed if you are hungry!

[Lime Tree]  Southeast Asian fare

[Home]  Hotpot!

[Pisces]  Grilled Meyer Natural Angus Flat Iron Steak with duck fat fries, mushrooms & green beans

[Pisces]  Fruit Quesadilla with knob creek butter pecan gelato. 
The cheese inside kinda threw me off...  o_O

[Kevin's Noodle House]  Mandatory pho.  <3

[Kevin's Noodle House]  Fried Shrimp Cakes! 

[Maru Ichi]  Kuro Ramen

[Kara's Cupcakes]  Chocolate Velvet!

[Home]  Melon (and other things) soup!

[Home]  Pork shoulder, curry fishballs, and bok choy!

[Kevin's Noodle House in Daly City]  Never too much pho!

[Lam Hoa Thuan]  Half a pound of roast pork.  That I ate all by myself.  Doo doo doo....

[Home]  Trader Joe's Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

[Home]  Fresh mango!

[Moonstar]  Round 1

[Moonstar]  Round 2  
(Round 3 and 4 not pictured  :oP)

[Krispy Kreme]

[Krispy Kreme]  Sprinkles, my favorite!

[In-n-Out]  You were so, so delicious.  :]

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  1. those are some pretty great food pictures. pooooorrrrkkkkkkkkkk. somehow I'm glad these aren't pictures of food from the east coast. :P


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