Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring fashion

Spring is definitely here!  Or maybe pleasant, non-humid summer!  :)  It was 72 degrees yesterday, it'll be 77 tomorrow and 82 on Thursday!!!  This sure has been a crazy weather year!  Piddly snow twice this winter and gorgeous weather in March!  WHAT is going on?!

I don't have much any fashion sense but these lovely spring things have caught my eye and I shall impose them on you now.  :)

Tazo Tea Tumbler

I seem to really like them double wall things!  :)  But isn't the mesh-spout-part-you-drink-from such a pretty pattern?  I think the flowers and green are a perfect spring design!

Tropical Floral Skirt from Loft

I probably wouldn't look good in it but I love love love this skirt.  Tonight at least.  :)  I  may have to give it a try next time I'm in the store anyway.  :]

Polished Denim Blazer

So classy.  :)  I like that it's got a different, modern-y cut to it.

Cinched Neck Twill jacket from Loft 

Can't decide which color I like better.  :)  The neutral would go with everything.  The orange is more exciting (and my favorite color!)  Though I think the jacket I wore today looked... just like this one.  haha.  Except in blue!  :)

Zoya polish in Bevin 

This minty seafoam greenness.... I don't know if I could pull off on my nails.  Feet maybe.  I have yet to be so adventurous as to deviate from pinks/reds and cream/golds... but I like this color.  :)

Now that I've acquired way too many sweaters... it is no longer winter!  >_<  I don't need anything and I don't know if I'll get anything mentioned above, but I think I could use some more blousy things for work.  And maybe a spring jacket... with long sleeves.  I seem to have a few pieces with three-quarter sleeves.  o_O

Have yet to recap my training/conference trip to LA and short family trip up to San Francisco a couple weeks back!  I accidently picked up a lovely Tommy Hilfiger blazer there for a steal.  An absolute steal.  :D  AND!  It's wonderfully machine washable.  WHOOHOO.  :)

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