Saturday, February 2, 2013

PSSA: The Most Comfortable Flats

I have a terrible time buying shoes since I have wide feet. And let's not talk about how much $ that has been thrown down the drain in search of good flats! You would think flats would be easy! (Verses heels, at least.) I usually think oh, maybe I can break these in, or maybe these soften with a few more wears. NO! No more. I have learned that unless they are 100% comfortable in the store --- I will not buy them. Cause for all the money I've spent on flats hoping they would work out, I probably could buy some ridiculous designer lots-of-hundred-$$$ shoes!

All of my current flats were either uncomfortable/pinchy or just ugly. Mostly uncomfortable. So I went on a hunt to find some! Especially since my job requires some occasions of looking presentable. :) In the winter, I can wear boots, but in the summer, that would be silly! (I think I also need some need boots... there's a knick in my current pair. Sad!)

Anyway --- I went to DSW and went up and down all the aisles. I stumbled upon these Me Too Nini flats! In WIDE! YAHOO!!! A 7.5 fit perfectly! (I'm normally a 7.5.) No pinch on first try! I was looking for black flats since they go with everything, but there was only one pair in the store and it was kinda beat up, one foot was bigger than the other, and there were some weird stuff stuck to the bottom. Gross. BUT THEY WERE SO COMFY. What to do. I quickly checked online on my phone and they didn't have any black wides left! Nooooo. But they did have one pair at two other locations in the City. I was slightly concerned that those other pairs would also be tried-in, worn, and yucky.

So I ended up just buying a bronze pair online! :) (Which arrived new!  Yay.)  I still would like a black pair but bronze is kinda cool and not boring right? (I'm trying to break out of black and boring.)
me too nini flat in bronze
Since it's so hard for me to find comfy shoes, I'm thinking of buying another pair in a different color. (They actually just sold out of bronze!)  I don't think I want the pewter pair, so I'm contemplating the navy pair. It looks pretty dark online, which I actually don't want cause I don't want to have an almost-black pair of flats that I can't quite wear with black dress pants. It would be a frivolous pair and not fulfill the black flats "need." But maaaybe they aren't that dark in person?  What to do?
me too nini flat in navy
What do you think? Should I nab the navy pair since it's so hard for me to buy shoes?  Do you have trouble buying shoes?  Or is it easy breezy for you?  What are you favorite brands of flats?

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  1. Not that this helps you any since its an Aussie brand but these are my new favorite! And the first comfortable pair of flats I've found in a dark brown.


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