Sunday, March 24, 2013

So busy!

Sorry been MIA!  Been pretty with work and life in general.  Lots of back logged posts that I just need time to sit down and write!

Two weekends ago, Tim's brother was in town for the weekend to buy this sweet Lotus Elise!  I got to spend all day with him riding around in it.  :D

Lotus Elise

At work last week, we had a staff retreat/strategic planning all week which involved all day meetings and strategic thinking and then dinners in the evenings.  It was a good time getting to know co-workers, especially those who came over from DC, but it was a tiring week!

Who knew that March was closing out this week?!  My cousin is graduating this May and I've been busy making her a ribbon leiInstructions for the full lei is here.  I'll do a post on this one later on, but here is my work in progress!

There are a few more friends graduating this year but I don't think I have enough time to make them all one of those leis!  So I think I will want to try another variety (from Penga!)  like this:


I think Penga said it uses a lot less ribbon and... is faster once you get it?  :D

It's another busy work week for me with some travel, but I'll be back!  What have you been up to lately?  Or what has been keeping you busy?

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  1. Wow those leis look amazing I want to try! Love crafts. And that car! *Swooooooons* I enjoy reading or blog very much!


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