Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello World!

Greetings!  This blog is best summarized as my ramblings, musings, and randomness.  I orginally thought it'd be silly to start a new post-wedding blog and was going to keep going at The Adventures of Alvina & Tim (previously known as The Adventures of Alvina & Tim's Wedding) but it seemed kinda weird posting about fashion and random things on there too! (Especially since... Tim is not particularly interested or involved with the lastest fall jackets or cute shoes.)  :]  I'll also be importing the random/fashion posts from the other blog over as well.  Anyway, I'll probably still post over there once in awhile, especially if I find exceptional wedding inspirational things (like creative engagement shoots or whatnot) or if there is something exciting going on in our lives.  :oP

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  1. following :3

    and random posts are the best sort of posts there are. imo. ;)


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