Wednesday, September 29, 2010

to iPhone or not to iPhone?

I was in quite a pickle last night.  Hardest decision I've had to make in awhile.  Maybe since deciding which grad school to attend.  I spent hours pondering it without really making a committed decision.  What was so  difficult?

Deciding on a cell phone.  And not just finding or choosing one.  Deciding between the Samsung A777:

And the Apple iPhone 4:

Now.  For most people, it'd be like.... "Uh... what was so hard about that decision?"  So.  Let me break it down for you.  (Who's already sorry they're visiting The Orange Coffee Cup??)

Both would exist within a family plan with unlimited texting (basically split between 4 people since my grandma on the 5th line doesn't text)

Samsung A777
FREE up front
$10 additional family line, ~ $7.50 texting

$200 up front
$10 additional family line, ~$15 data plan, ~$7.50 texting

Over the two year contract the cost of the Samsung A777 would be approximately $500 for phone and services, and the iPhone4 would be around $1000.  There are plenty of other smartphones on the market but I would only really be saving like... $150 if I got a smartphone that was like $50 (after rebate or something) since it will still need the data plan.

The thing is.  I don't need an iPhone4.  While people update their status and upload pictures on Facebook and check their emails, I've had an orange Samsung A737 and it's served me very well.  I like it.  I make and take calls.  I text.  That's mostly all I do on a phone anyway.  I don't usually update my status to tell you I'm hungry or that I'm tired, or yay, it's the weekend.  And quite frankly, I enjoy my time away from my computer and the internet.

Samsung A737  (Source))

So I was leaning towards the A777 earlier on in the evening.  I thought about how that unspent $500 could go towards something more useful.  Feeding hungry children?  A village maybe?  Supporting a missionary friend?  Savings?  Something else rather than my "un-need" of checking my email on the train?  But then Tim pointed out that I would actually use the iPhone and quite possibly to its full potential.  I could retire/give away/gift my iTouch (though it's 1st gen and quite slow) and the iPhone would become the tool that does everything.  (I must admit the 5 MP camera is a winning point.)  I felt it wasn't simplifying my life but perhaps making it more complicated.  (Especially thinking through this decision!)

But then I wandered over to the iPhone camp since Tim said I would use it, and it's not like I don't want it.  I just didn't see a need for it.  It would be catching up on the new era of phones.  Even if I've adjusted to cavemen-like-calling-and-texting-only.  And it would be for two years, when who knows what kind of technology will come out by then.  Also, the A777 doesn't come in orange (anymore, I think.  It seems like it once upon a time did come in orange, now it's like... all the leftover blues.)

So I went to take a shower to pray and ponder.  (Yes, I prayed about which phone I should get.  God cares about everything!)  I thought about the price and started wandering back to the A777 camp.  Then when I got out of the shower, I was closing windows on a bunch of other phones and CNET reviews, and I came across this article called, "You don't really need an iPhone 3G."  Close enough right?  Was that God speaking?  Is this a sign?

The article was mostly comparing the iPhone to other smartphones and how the iPhone is not for everyone.  That other smartphones are totally competent but that Apple has created a "want," and not a "need."  Ok.  Not exactly head on with my situation.  But then there was this line near the end of the article:
"But then again, we may not need the iPhone 3G because it won't necessarily improve our lives in any tangible way, but we want that iPhone 3G because it's so dang 'cool.'"

AHHHHHH.  So true.  An iPhone (or any smart phone) would not improve my life in any tangible way.  I am a fully functional person without one now.  I won't miss it cause I don't know better.  And I'm okay with that.

Tim already voted on the iPhone so I asked my dad what he thought and he voted for the iPhone as well saying I'd probably use it.  So.  I copped out and said ok to the iPhone.  It's kind of weird.  We've never gone with a "top of the line" cell phone before.  I also have no desire to own Apple products.  Grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to get an iPhone?  Yes, definitely.  Worth the cost?  Still not sure.  But I shall make the best of it.

What do you think I should decided on?  Which would you pick?


  1. hello! I think that if both your husband and your dad are cool with it, that's a great sign. You'll definitely use it if you have it. And it'll come in handy! When you're exploring you can look up stuff online on the fly. And take pics, and update Facebook, and listen to music, etc. :)

    Andrew and I are planning on moving to data plans/smartphones next year when we start our own family plan. We're thinking about even switching from Verizon to Sprint because you get more for less!

  2. wah - you apple convert! just kidding.

    we're having a similar debate on whether to upgrade to a data plan..right now we have old junky phones, not even unlimited texting. sak is DYING for data, while i'm like "meh". The only thing i would like is to be able to read and comment on blogs from one on the train (since i'm always SOOO behind). i'm thinking we might go with droids though since i have a personal vendetta against apple. lol.

    have fun with your new phone though! don't feel guilty about owning a top-of-the-line model, instead use it to its full potential so you know you are getting your moneys worth! :)


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