Monday, March 14, 2011

Desert Song

This has been my homework all weekend. Worship practice is tomorrow (Tues) night... and I've been practicing with... pens. >_< Ahhhhh.

Now I need to go practice some air drums. (You know... like air guitar?)


  1. nice! he's got a lot of cymbals. What is keeping you from having a drumset? is it cost or noise or space?

  2. Umm... cost... noise... and space! :] It's a small apartment... don't know where we'd put it. It'd be too noisey... unless I practice on my day off and hope our landlords aren't home? (Sometimes one of them works from home.) And I don't really want to spend money on a set right now. It'd be a P.A.I.N. to move across country. Even if we get a truck or whatnot... it's another big awkward hunk of thing to shove into the truck. :]


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