Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tyler Ward

I have found a new love interest. Don't worry, it's only a new music interest.

You know how sometimes on Wikipedia, you're reading an article... and then you click... and click... following links and then 20 minutes later you're reading an article that is nowhere near the orginal article you were reading? Well, I think that happens on YouTube as well. :]

Earlier this week... I was clicking around YouTube... and discovered Mr. Tyler Ward --- songwriter, fantastic guitar player and singer, music producer, entertainer, and YouTube extrordinaire. He has orginals and does a lot of excellent covers. His house is also a freakin' awesome recording studio. :]

Here's one of his favorites, "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars:

One of my second favorites... a rock version of "Like a G6" orginally by Far East Movement:

My favorite moment is the Epicc and Tyler dance at 1:38. :-D

One of his catchy orginals, "Paper Heart":

Since I have like... a million favorites, my next few posts might just be posting Tyler Ward videos. :-P There are millions of painful (to listen to) covers on YouTube, so Tyler is quite refreshing with his quality covers. The video is also awesome and high quality. I love watching musicians play and there is a good footage of his friends/band/crew. I think I listened to almost all his songs/covers within two days and bought his album, "Vol. 1."

He rocks the guitar (especially the acoustic) and in certain angles... he looks like Steven Curtis Chapman. How can I not be sold? :-P

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