Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm still aliiiiiive!  But I've been a terrrrrrible blogger!  I keep meaning to blog but... it requires.... work you know.  All that typing.  Optional thinking.  Pictures.  Ahhh!

Last week I was in Detroit for a training/conference.  It was a loooong week but I learned a lot.  :]

Canada was SOUTH and you could see it across the river.  Whhhhhaaaa?

Because I was out all last week, today I was swamped at work.  I ended up working late so we went out to eat at Border Cafe.  AWE. SOME.

I think today birthed the tradition of Margarita Mondays.  :oP

Chicken Bandera!  Delicious!  Tim's chicken burros was delicious too!

Annnnd I will try to post more.  Maybe.  On Friday.  Unless I decide to go shopping.  For.  Our first anniversary!!!!  Whhhhhhaaaaaa!  (Can you believe it's almost been a year?!)  What are some awesome paper gift ideas??  (We don't really want watches or clocks or things that tick.  Like bombs.)

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  1. the fruity stuff on your chicken looks deliciousss! and yes! happy anniversary alvina and tim! think of something awesome so i can copy your gift idea later lol lol


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