Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One year!

Yesterday was our one-year anniversary!  :]  Can you believeeee it's been a year?  I'm pretty sure it was only a few months ago when I was assembling invitations and just getting down to all that wedding business!

I had to help facilitate our first-time homebuyer's class this weekend (yes, on Memorial Day weekend!) but Tim and I had Monday off to enjoy all to ourselves.

First we went for a walk.  The weather is sooo warm right now.  (Sometimes too humid and hot, but I'll try not to complain.)  Destination: Starbucks!  :-D

Then we made crepes for lunch!  Savory crepes that I forgot to take pictures of and a few dessert crepes!  :]

After lounging around at home, we went to explore the Esplanade by the Charles River.  Even though my train passes by it everyday I go to work, I've only seen a small segment of it and Tim's never been!

For dinner, we cooked up steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes!

I made starwberry parfaits for dessert, though we forgot to eat them until today.  :oP

We've got something a little more exciting planned this coming weekend.  I'll have to come report back afterwards!  <3

A huge thank you to everyone who did something awesome for/in our wedding, and thanks to all who came!

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  1. happy 1st anniversary, lady! looks delicious, lol!


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