Thursday, January 12, 2012

recap 2011

I tried to post this a few days ago but I couldn't upload pictures!  Seems to be working now...

As 2011 ended, there were a few blog posts that recapped the year and I ended up looking through my pictures to remember what all happened in 2011! :]
January | lovely blizzards every other week
Februrary | a Valentine's Day trip to New Hampshire (first visit)

March | the flu. for a week | Tiff and Lisa visited from LA!

April | a visit home to SF
May | our first anniversary! | conference in Detroit (first visit)

June | visited Newport for our anniversary trip | conference in DC

July | the Short brothers visited! | attended a wedding in Ithaca (old stomping grounds)

August | the in-laws and my brother and cousin visited! | it was Tim's birthday!

September | a chill month of local adventures
October | the Fronda's visted! | started working full time

November | my birthday!

December | home (SF) for Christmas!

 Thanks for being a great one 2011!  :D

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