Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The baby we threw this baby shower for in October made her appearance on New Year's Eve!  They went home like after 1.5-2 days so we visited them at home Monday evening.  I got to hold her for awhile and she is so precious!  I think she is the newest baby I've ever held!  She was just, I think... 2.5 days old!  She was kind of an extra small baby and had the cutest little fingernails and fingers and... cutest everything.  :oP  It was fun that though she was "sleeping" she moved around a lot and sighed and moved her hands around her face a lot.  :)  Babies are especially awesomely cute when you just hold them and then give them back when they're pooping/farting/barfing.  :D

Those nine months she was incubating went by so quickly!  When I was in elementary school (and basically through high school), the school year would go by SO. SLOWLY.  Now babies are born in a blink of an eye and time flies by so much quicker.  I must be getting old.  :oT

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