Saturday, July 21, 2012

2nd Anniversary Cruise! Part 1

At least it's not our third anniversary before I got around to posting this right?  :)

So for our anniversary this year, we went on a cruise!  It was a short cruise on Carnival Cruises up to Canada!  We picked this one since it departed and returned to Boston so we didn't need to take any flights!

It was a great break from work and everyday life, though it was, of course, too short.  :)  It was also too bad there was only one port/stop and it wasn't the most interesting little town.  :oP

Our little windowless cabin

We did this a lot.  Read.  :)

Ice carving!

There were towel animals!  We named him Philbert.

Cocktails were to be had

Lobster tail!

The theater with nightly shows

Our favorite little reading spot

This was Tweedums

24-Hour Pizza bar!  (Sorry blurry pic)

Next up, we get to St. John, New Brunswich, Canada!


  1. Dude, this looks cool! I want to go on a cruise, if only for the never ending food :P

  2. 24hr pizza bar. Wow. That's a good enough reason to get on a cruise :oD


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