Sunday, August 19, 2012


Grabbed this shot waiting for Tim to get out of work.  I reeeally like it.  Finding interesting things on the street.

I've baked like 200% more than I used to.  Well, at least in the winter and spring.  Summer got too hot since the apt felt like an oven!

Have you mailed a smile today?  :D  Second round of Pixar stamps.  I still haven't used them yet.  I think I enthusiastically bought too many of the first round ones.   :oP

I believe this was the day I traded writing favors for an iced coffee with a co-worker.  This is how we roll.

Front porch.  After the rain.  Beauty in everyday life.

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  1. thanks for visiting our blog and for your comment, alvina! (sorry for the late response... just got back into town and am catching up. :) loving the photos here -- esp the reds in the first and raindrop details in the last!


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