Friday, May 3, 2013

PSA: United Mileage Plus Premier Qualifications

I learned this tidbit this week and thought I'd share. So on my work trip to DC earlier this week, I flew with my supervisor, who also bought my ticket. She has preimier status, so by association, I was "premiere" for this trip! We were able to get Economy Plus seats (in an exit row, so there was sweet leg room!) and was able to board in group 2.
So I was checking my United mileage plus account to see if I was anywhere close to obtaining silver status, and found out that tickets purchased through Hotwire or Priceline do NOT qualify towards premiere qualifying miles!!! You still get the miles but they don't help you qualify for premiere status!

See here: "Additionally, certain fares such as those purchased with industry discounts or through Hotwire and do not count toward Premier qualification or accrual of award miles."
LAME! It's easier to see all the available flights through Priceline so I often buy from there EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE SAME PRICE AS UNITED.COM! Of course no one NEEDS premiere status, but it sure is nice when you're not boarding in group 5 and forced to check your carry-on bag cause there is no more room in the overhead bin! And I figured with all the traveling I do for work (it's so tiring!), it would be a nice side perk.
This is only for United, so if United is not your cup of plane, you should review your airline's policies.
Did you know this? If you did... why didn't you tell me?!

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