Friday, May 3, 2013

Whirlwind in DC

Hello!  Just got back last night from a work trip to DC.  Our offices are headquartered there, as well as a lot of our partners, so we have lots of meetings there.  This time was a whirlwind visit since I didn't really get to do anything, but attend a two day meeting.  And by "get to do anything" I mean like... sightseeing.  :)  However, the pictures below will probably look like I had lots of fun.  :oP

 First night there we had dinner with our DC office folks at Rice Paper.  Delish Vietnamese food!

Rice Paper in Falls Church, VA
I got this super awesome BBQ Pork and shrimp dish.  You wrap all that good stuff into rice paper!
So that's the rice paper --- it's kind of like a giant communion wafer.  Starchy and hard.  But then you dip it into hot water and it softens!  I totally need to get a rice paper holder!  I was totally gonna huff one back from DC but the supermarket/stores were closed by the time we were done with dinner.
Some Caribou before the first morning of the meeting.  I like the sentiment on the napkin!
Met up with our former co-worker Angela at Matchbox! 
Those onion straws on top of the sliders were so tasty!  :)
Top: me and our former coworker Angela!  Do you love our hair?  HAHAH.
Bottom: coworker and her boyfriend.  :)
I try to do something "fun" on every work trip.  This time I didn't get to see anything out of the ordinary, but I guess looking back on these pics, it was a good time outside of the meetings!  :)  The weather was also gorgeous there!  East coast spring is pretty nice, I must admit.  I didn't get to take any pictures of all the flowers I saw... but I feel like SF does NOT have so many flowers everywhere!  Which is sad.  Boston and DC seem to have (planted) flowers all over downtown.  So colorful and happy.  :)
Do you travel for work?  If so, do you try to insert "fun"?  :D

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  1. ive never seen a rice paper holder before @_@. that's kinda really cool!


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