Tuesday, February 8, 2011

recycled wrapping paper!

Our landlords had us up for dinner (SO. DELICIOUS.) and we found it out was going to be Mr. Landlord's birthday.  We had joked about the delicious things we smelled from their kitchen and he asked if we made Japanese curry from the blocks.  Of course I did.  So as a gag gifts of sorts, we got Mr. Landlord a box of Japanese curry blocks.  We didn't have any wrapping paper, so I resorted to using an old copy of the Trader Joe's circular, the Fearless Flyer!

I liked the castle quite a bit myself.

And I thought the bow, with the coordinated center was not too shabby.  :-P  I actually learned how to make that from my brother.  MY BROTHER.  HAHA.  He made one out of paper and stapled it to a Gap bag one year for my birthday present.  :-P

I think there is a charm to having print/words all over.  Of course, there is charm to Trader Joe's circular so it might not work with all newspapers or circulars.  I was surprised how well it turned out, and thought I'd share!  The castle definitely helped.  :]

Do you use unconventional wrapping materials or have unique methods to your present wrappery?

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  1. ohh, that's great use of the fearless flyer! You should do a bow tutorial, so funny your brother taught you.

    i usually resort to using the newspaper comic section if I can, or saved wrapping paper from gifts past.


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