Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

At this rate... I will post enough about Valentine's day to make it to next year's!  :-P  Sorry, been busy!  We spent Valentine's day evening at home since we already had our nice meal, and we didn't want to get stuck waiting for a table eating out!

The sweet husband came home with these!  See them orange flowers!  :-D

We had chicken satay with peanut sauce and a Thai chicken basil stir-fry

Paired with this Riesling!  I like Rieslings.  That's all I remember from my wine class.  HAHA.

Made some chocolate dipped strawberries... and pretzels.  haha.  It's soooo easy and cheap.  Don't ever buy pre-dipped ones!!  Unless they make it all fancy.  If I had some white choclate, I would've gave the strawberries bow ties and buttons, and the pretzels some drizzle!

The husband squirreled away for like 30 minutes.... to make THIS!!!  It's a particle system pop-up card, with 3D hearts!  Isn't he sweet?  haha.  He's been working on particle systems for his game for weeks leading up to Valentine's day (not related), so this was amusingly fitting.  :]

Courtesy of Wikipedia:
The term particle system refers to a computer graphics technique to simulate certain fuzzy phenomena, which are otherwise very hard to reproduce with conventional rendering techniques. Examples of such phenomena which are commonly replicated using particle systems include fire, explosions, smoke, moving water, sparks, falling leaves, clouds, fog, snow, dust, meteor tails, hair, fur, grass, or abstract visual effects like glowing trails, magic spells, etc.

Do you see how it's a pop-up teapot??  :]

If I had a screenshot or one of those moving gif looking things... it'd be funnier cause then you'd see how this card exactly represents what he's been working on.  :]  Here's what the 3D studio max teapot looks like:

I'm sure we're all nerds here... or are married to one.... or at least know one.... so have you gotten any nerdy/romantic/funny things?

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