Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day weekend

We celebrated Valentine's Day like over 3 days.  :-P  We took a brief weekend trip up to Nashua, New Hampshire!  It was fun since I've never been to New Hampshire.  We spent more than an hour there... in fact we stayed the night, so I think that definitely counts as having "been to" New Hampshire.  :]

We only went to New Hampshire because I got a Groupon for the Radisson Nashua.  haha.  The Radisson was suppose to look like a castle!  And it's only an hour drive away!  So I got it!  Come along now  :]

We first stopped by Pleasant Lane Mall!  Which was a pretty big and comprehensive mall but we only bought stuff from Target.  haha.

It was COOL!  But... this was kinda it....

And this knight.  Which is not as big as it might look here.

See the ramparts?!

Ducky enjoying our king sized bed!

The Groupon included one night's stay and dinner at their restaurant, The Granite Bistro!  I had a flat iron steak with mashed potatoes and veggies, Tim had chicken parm, and we had some crispy garlic bruschetta for an appetizer, split a chocolate molten cake there, and took home a carrot cake (which was all included!)  Tim liked his chicken parm, I was not a huge fan of my meal though I loooved the crispy garlic bruschetta. :]  I only took some pictures with my iPhone and the lighting wasn't that great.  They turned out pretty grainy so I won't post them. 

The next day, we drove to Downtown Nashua, which is basically a main street?  We didn't do too much exploring there.  It was like 11am on a Sunday morning so not a ton of stores were open but we saw a bunch of people going into this one!

So we went in too!  It was a REALLY DELICIOUS brunch buffet!

LOVED the star cracker/bread thing.  :]

What a cute checkered shortbread cookie!

Super cute restaurant!

Omlet special of the day: BBQ beef

I think I ate too much food food and didn't save enough room for dessert.  :(  But Tim got this chocolate mousse thing in a chocolate shell, which he gave me a taste of, and it was sooo delicious.

We looked at the menu outside before we went into the restaurant and they listed some fairly normal prices.  What we didn't know was that it was a special Valentine's day brunch buffet and we ended up with a pretty hefty bill. So it ended up being our "fancy, going out Valentine's Day  meal."  Despite the hefty bill, it was really good quality food though.

We left like noon Saturday and got back like 3pm Sunday so it was a fairly short trip, but it was fun to get away!  We were even able to go to 6pm church service.  :]

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  1. oh man! looks like fun! the star bread is cuuute! we did...nothing! for v-day. pretty lame :P


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