Friday, June 10, 2011

Anniversary trip to Newport - Day 1

I thought that hotel prices would be higher for Memorial Day weekend, PLUS I had to go to work (for the first-time home owners class)... so we celebrated our anniversary with a wee-trip to Newport, RI the following weekend.

Originally I wanted to do it big!  I mean... first year anniversary, no kids, lets get as many fun trips in before we get tied down.  But then the cost of flying and hotel-ing and the number of days Tim would have to take off... would've been a lot.  So my idea of a week long trip got whittled down to two days.  It worked out quite well anyway since silly people decided to get married so we have a couple weddings to go to and friends visiting from out of town that Tim will need to take days off for.  The days not burned for our anniversary can also go towards a trip in the fall perhaps!  Gotta spread out those vacation adventures for sanity sake.

I did most (all?  haha) of the adventure and we started with a train ride on the Newport Dinner Train, sans dinner.  :oP  I found a Groupon for it so it was a sweet deal.

The train is coming in!

Then we did the Newport Cliff Walk!

So.  I brought my new big camera.  And... at some point after lunch, the dial got switched to Manual but with all the wrong settings and I wasn't paying attention to the display screen, so for most of the cliff walk, I ended up with white photos.  :(  BUT.  I had my trusty point-and-shoot (you know, for arms-length self portraits), so we re-walked a short section of the cliff walk so I could snap a few photos.

Cliff walk

The Breaker's gate!  The Breakers is one of many mansions in Newport.  BIG fancy houses.   We chose The Breakers but by the time we got there on Saturday, they were about to close.  So we decided to come back the next day and take our time.

"Love is Life."  Tim kindly obliged my re-walk of the cliff walk to get this picture for the second time.  :]

Galato.  Should be a must-have on every trip.  :]  It was delicious!

So Newport-y.  :]

There was this FANCY sailing boat!  The rigging stuff was metal and we *think* the sails probably just retract out of them. Fancypants.

Our room at the Hyatt!  It was a lovely room (minus the paper thin door where you could hear everything in the hall) though who knew double beds seem so small after you sleep in a queen for awhile.  :oP  We booked through Priceline and the front desk said this was the best they could do.  Beware of resort fees!  There was a $35 DAILY fee.  Boooo.

S'mores pit at sunset  :]

The sunset and FLASH!  :oP

Newport Lighthouse

Blogger was being difficult/slow with the photos so I will be spliting the pics up into the two days we were there.  Newport was a lovely seaside town though there were already buttloads of people.  I imagine there'll be more over the summer!  It was indeed slightly snobby and apparently nautical colors and stripes are super trendy there.

We made the "mistake" of checking out cliff walk from downtown on FOOT.  Our hotel was located on Goat Island which was 1-mile from downtown.  There was a shuttle bus but sometimes we just walked it.  So from the hotel to downtown to cliff walk, down the cliff walk to The Breakers, then back to downtown, then back to the hotel... we walked like ~7 miles!  It was great exercise but we were totally exhausted that night!

Tomorrow (or when I get around to it), DAY TWO in Newport!  :]


  1. LOVE the s'mores pit and the view is gorgeous :)

  2. beautiful! and some trip is better than no trip at all, i say! gelato and smores though..mmmm. sounds delicious!

  3. Great pics! Key is making the most of every moment. <3


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