Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anniversary trip to Newport - Day 2

Here you can find Newport - Day 1!  Now onto day two after a night's slumber at the Newport Hyatt.  I was woken up a few times during the because of the paper thin walls and who knew having a queen bed would make a double seem so much smaller.  :oP

Coffee by the dock!  It was fabulous!  Cute white lawn chairs and coffee!  :-D

Aww isn't he cute?  :]

Lunch at Gas LampGrill!  We randomly chose it while wandering down Thames St.  I had the Sea Side Reuben Sandwich (fried cod topped w/ cole slaw, swiss cheese & thousand island dress on marble rye, with a side of pasta salad --- because I was trying to be good since it felt like there were too much fries for the past few meals!)

Tim had the Caribbean Jerk Pizza (caribbean jerk sauce, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, & cheddar with chicken)

At the Breakers!  No pictures inside.  It was crazy bank!  As in... unnecessary amount of gold trimming and all that jazz.  :]  The outside grounds were fabulous!

It was then an uneventful drive back home!  It was a nice getaway and I love visiting new places, so that was fun!  :]  I'm not sure what we'd do next time, but it would be fun to visit again.  Perhaps hit up some of the beaches!  The nicer beaches weren't terribly close by, but if we've seen all the touristy things this time, we can beach bum it next time!  :]

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  1. whoa, that building is impressive! and food! i want to try a piece of tim's pizza!


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