Tuesday, August 16, 2011

baby love

I sometimes think I studied the wrong kind of "planning" in school cause party planning is just too. much. fun!  :-D  Themes, color schemes, snacks and drinks, games and presents!  I don't think anyone who would know about this read this blog so I think I can safely say that me and a friend are in the works of planning a surprise baby shower!  The shower will be in October so there is still a bit of time between now and then.

We are thinking of going the Evite route since most of the guests will be young and computer savvy, and this will save a few bucks.  They had one or two cute baby shower designs for girls but I wanted something that would tie in with our theme of pink, brown, and white polka dots!  :-D  I've been working on a simple design and I will share when it is finished!

But in the mean time I went browsing on minted.com and this one just popped out at me off the screen and hugged me:

I kinda just love it a lot  :]  It's also just so HAPPY.  I like that's it bright, cheery, and really pretty gender neutral.  In fact, I can even see it as a wedding invite!  I love how the bubbles of love are crowding each other because there is just so much love.  :-D


  1. i don't know what's cuter, the invite or the fact that you said it "hugged" you! hehe. the love bubbles are really cute. and you can't go wrong with full bleed printing! love love

  2. I read this blog! Guess I'm in on the baby shower secret! ;oD


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