Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Found some really cool typographic bowls/tumblers at Target for SF and NYC!  I'll have to get 'em off my camera sometime.  But in the meantime, I found these on  How cool are they?!  I happen to love cityscapes and skylines a lot, so I think they're extra awesome.  :-D

Cityscape Pillo - Dude, just $10!  (Source)

 Cityscape Shower Curtain - $15 (Source)

I might lobby for the pillow if I saw it in-store but at the same time, it wouldn't be a very need-based purchase!  (Trying not to buy things we don't need?  A good life philosophy.)


  1. huh. i didn't know target had these, that's pretty cool!

  2. target has some pretty awesome designs sometimes. i love cityscapes too!!


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