Monday, August 22, 2011


Been busy with the in-laws visiting in town!

In the meantime, I'll share something from my mental blog queue.  I think I stumbled upon Nidhi's art stuff just surfing on Etsy and I've been blown. away. by. the. awesomeness.  :-D  Extra 5,000 points is that she's from San Francisco!

"Don't Go" (Source)

This is possibly my favoritest of her pieces even though it's not colored because this is me and Tim every Friday morning (which I have off). :D   AND... they even look like us!  This is definitely going on the birthday present list.

"Pandas"  (Source)

Rolly polly cute pandas.  Need I say more?

You can find more of her amazing work HERE on Etsy.  I'll probably pick out a few other pieces I love and post about them next time I get the chance to blog.  I love that many of the couples are multi-racial.  :) 

My brother and cousin are coming to visit... the day after my in-laws leave.  :-D  I'm really looking forward to it but Tim and I will probably be quite exhausted in terms of having guests in our 1BR apartment and running around the City!

Also, a belated (it was yesterday) happy birthday to the bestest husband in the world!  :-D

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  1. so cute! i like her sea otter one. :) and YAY for multi-racial couples! :D without them i wouldn't be here @_@


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