Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pink and brown

So behind on posting!  Lets start by catching up on that baby shower I co-hosted over a month ago!

Behold!  The diaper cake I'm super proud of!!  :D

The spread.  Nothing too fancy.

Ashley's mom made this amazing cake!

These were the "guetsbook cards" where people could write their "guesses" and then a message for the expecting couple on the back!

Guess how big the mommy's tummy is!  :D

Our guest of honor!

Then we played pin the bottle on the baby!

Me and my co-host, Ashley!  We unplannedly wore brown dresses with white polka dots (as our theme was pink, brown, and white polka dots)!!  :D

I love planning parties!  :D  It was like... a bridal shower but with a different theme!  hehe.

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  1. *catches up on posts*

    Looks like fun! Is that a ninja onesie? Too cute!


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