Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby gifts!

Baby gifts for other people of course.  :oP

My pastor back home, his lovely wife (who did the girls' hair for our wedding), and our flower girl Haley (who's like way bigger now!) just had a new baby boy!  So my latest project was this!

I thought about it and in hindsight realized a football (since the dad loves football) would've been more appropriate with the "jersey" onesie than ducky, but... ducky was what I had.  (And ducky seems child friendly!  :oP)

Can you see where our inspiration came from?  :-D

It was all just a blank onesie and some iron-on transfer sheets.  Much like the totes I made my bridesmaids.  :]  Design.  Print.  Cut.  Iron "canvas" (in this case, a little green onesie).  Iron.  And voil√†!  :D  (If it's a shirt, make sure you wash and dry your it first so it's pre-shrunk.)

Remember not to use steam!

With the iron-on transfers!  Let cool before you peel off.

Ta-da!!  :]

I've been working on a few more designs that may make their debut with whoever has a child next.  GO!  :oP

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  1. I still have my tote bag with turtle & name on it. Love using it :o)


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