Friday, July 22, 2011

A weekend in Ithaca

What a busy summer!  We had about a week to be normal after our out of town friendsies left before our trip up to Ithaca!  Whoo old stomping grounds.  :oP  Joe & Kelly got married and we got to see some old friends!

We drove up to Ithaca last Friday, and immediately joined some friends to watch, "As You Like It" at Shakespeare in the Plantations!  Then we went to a late dinner with Neela at Just a Taste, a tapas restaurant that was a must-go-to on our list this visit!  It's a bit spendy but it basically was Tim's favorite restaurant in Ithaca.  :]

On Saturday, some friends threw a pancake and morning breakfast for those from out of town (and local folks) so it was great seeing everyone!  Breakfast + friends = great combo!  Then Tim and I went to Target to get some wrapping paper and ran into the BRIDE!  haha.  She apparently ran out of make up and was grabbing some with her sister!  It was quite funny as she also had a book she borrowed from Tim like a year and half ago in her car, so Tim was able to get his book back.  On her wedding day.  Then we went back to our friend's apartment where we were crashing for the weekend to get ready for the wedding!

Congratulations Joe & Kelly!

She wore that smile from the moment those doors opened to the end of the night.

The receiption hall!  Cute little place called the Hathaway House.

Me and my Tim  :]

There was a two hour reception before the groom and bride arrived, and here's their first dance!  (A bit grainy since we were delegated to the "friends in the back" section.  :oP

Tim and me with the bride and groom!

Yay friends!!

On Sunday, Tim and I went to church and then go to chill out the rest of the day.  We went to Walmart (haha), Wegmans (yay Wegmans!!), and then hung out at Ithaca Falls for a little while since the weather was so nice!

Game night!!  When we were in Ithaca we obviously hosted and attending a good many game nights.  :oP  So of course there had to be a game night!  This was right before we left so this is only like... 1/3 of the people that were there.

It then POURED for most of our drive back to Boston!  Especially when I was driving.  But sunshine peaked out near the end and we made it home safely!  It was fun but tiring as so many trips are.  :]  It was fun to see old friends and how... even though a few of us came "back" from new places in life, it more or less felt the same.  :]  Even with the new babies and significant others!

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  1. ah, so fun! :) i like the little mini-chandeliers in that reception hall, cute! the falls look gorgeous! someday i guess i'll have to visit the east coast, lol


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