Friday, July 8, 2011

The fire works

Hi!  I've been such a slacker with this blogging business.  I really should be cleaning the house instead at this very moment!  If I could just... download posts directly from my brain... to here... that would be great.  Someone work on that!  :oP

This past July 4th weekend was a fun and exciting one because we had out of town guests!  Yahoooo!  Tim's childhood friendsies (high school still counts as childhood?) Nathan and Joel spent the weekend here and we went on great adventures!

Breakfast at Henrietta's Kitchen!  The Shorts like breakfast so we ate breakfast a lot.  :oP

Sam Adams Brewery Tour!  I've been wanting to go for awhile!

Analyzing it.

At Fanueil Hall for a mock Town Hall meeting.  Don't they look special?  :oP

A galatic game of Twilight Imperium!  Oh my!  It's like a 6 hour board game.  The daddy of board games, I call it.  I played out of love.  AND I WON!!!  Yeeeah!

They were deep in strategizing thought even during break time.

Hot pot at Shabu-Ya!

We down to the MIT area/Charles River to see the fireworks!

There was other adventuring like frozen yogurt, cannolis, lots more eating, lots of walking, the Harvard Natural History Museum (free b/c of BofA's Museum on Us!), visting Copley Square and Fenway, etc!  I always try to find a few things to do with out-of-town guests that we ourselves haven't done before because downtown, the Freedom Trail, and Fanueil Hall are not very exciting the 8th time around. 

What did you do for the fourth of July?


  1. fun!! at first i thought the board game was like, a space-version of settlers of catan! never played twilight imperium before.

    looks like you had a great weekend! :D

  2. Ummmm it's sort of like... Settlers tiles + Risk + every other board game :oP

    Yeah, most people haven't played it before. :oP It's kind of hardcore. And that's not to say I'm hardcore but... that I was persuaded into it through marriage :oP

  3. are you sure they didn't just let you win :P

  4. Thru marriage. Tim got us to play his board game at ur place even tho we weren't related thru marriage!


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