Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

Late last summer I discovered the wonders of the Pioneer Woman. The site is pretty cool since it has recipes, photography tips, home & garden stuff, homeschooling, her ramblings/thoughts, etc. Last fall I posted about one of her recipes I tried making and also in very small font about her story in which she documents how she met her husband, the Marlboro Man. She started sharing the story chapter by chapter on her blog, and then it turned into a book. :] The online version (scroll down to the bottom for chapter 1) goes up until the wedding and the book, The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels--A Love Story, which I just finished reading last night, goes through to the birth of their first child.

It was a fun, sweet read so I definitely recommend it.  :]  I actually particularly enjoyed it since it made me think of when I met Tim (ok, maybe fast forward to when I liked him, haha) and our journey from then to now.  :]  Through time, relationships change and people often transition out of that "honeymoon phase" of needing to inhale each other all the time to a comfortable existence.  I think that's when the marriage part really kicks in of putting effort into the relationship to keep it new and interesting.

I think Tim and I are sort of riding both, which I think is a great place to be.  :]  Some days are still shiny and new, and others are more comfortable where we sort of do our own things.  I think these days people get bored when the shiny and new part tapers off, when the thrill and excitment of dating wears off a bit --- they want out or sadly, try looking for that thrill elsewhere.  :(

That's why date nights are so important!  Don't get too comfortable, try new things!  There have been many date nights when we go out that I kinda just go out in whatever I'm wearing for the day.  :oP  I don't think Tim actually minds but when I think about it, wouldn't it be more fun if I put in a little more effort and got dressed up a little?  It's so easy to think of how the other person doesn't do things for you anymore (how come he doesn't bring me flowers anymore?  how come he doesn't leave me little notes or send me emails telling me he misses me as often like when we were dating?) and not realize how we've become lazy as well.  I understand that when a relationship matures, we can't always expect the attentive-dating-actions, but from time to time... WHY NOT?  :D

It makes those thoughtful moments extra sweet, and don't you love to see really old couples, like grandmas and grandpas who still look at each other like they're in love?  (This may be rare in old Asian couples.  haha)


  1. here, here! though i am pretty good at being 'too comfortable' (aka frumpy) :) I will try and work on it more this week, thanks for the reminder!

  2. With Jobe, he says that when I dress & doll up for him on casual date nights, it motivates him to dress up & look sharp a lil more. Then we tell each other, we're goin out on a date! Make it official! :o)

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