Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is here!

The winner of this year's overachiever tree!!

It got quite brisk around here, and then the weather decided to get all humid and thunderstormy.  So.  I'm not really sure fall knows it's place yet.  :]

In other news... SO BUSY.  So so so busy.  Partly because... I'm now working full time!  I was previously working a sweet part time schedule, done by 4pm and with Fridays off!  (Which is when I blogged.)  Since I no longer have Fridays off to do laundry, blog, and watch TV online... my blogging has come to a stand still.  :(

To add to the busyness, this weekend, Heidi and Jobe are coming to visit!  Exciting!  :D  And then next weekend, Courtney's coming about.  Then the following weekend is the previously-alluded-to baby shower.  MAN oh man.  So much stuff going on.  But it's all good.  :]

Will hopefully maybe some time find something interesting to post about.  You know, before it's 2012.  EEP!


  1. Haha, overacheiver tree! Its still summer here, though I definitely understand the busy! The holidays are coming the holidays are coming!

  2. I can't wait for fall to hurry up and get over to my area! And wow, you are busy! Hopefully you'll find some time to carve out for yourself sometime soon :)


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