Friday, September 9, 2011

day of labor

Labor Day was a day of fun!  :]  We went on an adventure with our friend from church, Karen.  Our plan was to go to Walden Pond in Concord, MA, once home to Henry David Thoreau.

However, the parking lot to Walden Pond was FULL, so we rolled down the street and checked out the deCordove Sculpture Park & Museum!  (Except the museum part was closed.)

We admired the scuptures and added our own spin to things...

There was no plaque for this sculpture so I named it "The Poops"

Ancient rain doorway

LOL this is one of my favorites - depth perception!

Walden Pond!  We were swimming in it so there aren't too many pictures once we got there.  We grabbed some sandwiches from a cute shop in "downtown" Concord (or rather, it was a "main street") and then brought them to the pond.

Wild life! :] See the froggy?

Mini replica of Thoreau's house

It actually took awhile to conjole me to get into the water.  The water of a pond in nature!!  I finally gave in and got in.  :]  However, my dislike of playing in nature was reaffirmed when I woke up the next morning, accutely aware of the 10 bug bites I'd acquired.  Tim, who usually doesn't get too many bites because his hairy arms and legs alert him to bugsy intentions, got 10 bites too!  After a few days, we were also able to determine a few different species of bugs gnawed at us since they all looked sort of different.  >_<  Now almost a week later, I am still slathering on the hydrocortisone.

Note to self: get some bug spray.

What did you do for Labor Day?  Do you like nature?

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  1. oooh! i want to go to a sculpture park, that looks like so much fun :D i'm not a big fan of swimming in lakes either, a catfish might grab your leg or something!


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