Friday, September 2, 2011

the inlaws visit

It's been a busy past two weeks with out of town guests!  Tim's parents came to visit for a week and then the day following their departure, my brother and cousin came to visit!  It was all great fun though we are also enjoying not entertaining (or eating out!) these few days.  :]

We haven't seen Tim's parents since Christmas and we won't be seeing them for awhile since we're going to my house for Christmas this year, so it was awesome they came to visit.

We took them around the city!

And to Cape Cod!

Tim made a sand guitar

We ruled the sea!

Visited the Taza Chocolate Factory!  A local place that makes stone ground chocolate.

And threw Tim a surprise birthday party with lots of ice cream cake!!!  :-D


  1. very sweet of u to take the in laws around. treasure the moments! :o)

  2. ooh. choco factory tour sounds awesome. as is that picture of you two in the cutout. looove it. hehehe


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