Sunday, September 4, 2011

word maps

I love maps. Design. And cities. So you'll see why I love these!

Look it's SF!  But wait... lets get a closer look....

The streets are made of their street names in words!!!  (Source)

SF will always be my favorite city and it's extra special since I'm far away from it!  I LOVE this one extra since it's letterpress and mono-colored.  However, it's $95!  There's a print for $30 but it's multi-colored and I'm not as huge of a fan of that one as this.  I actually found out about this when my boss ordered two of the letterpress (one in black and one in blue) and got them shipped to the office, and she let me oogle over them.  :]

There's also one for Boston (as well as NYC, Wash DC, and Chicago):

Boston is now my second favorite city and current home, so there is extra love for Boston as well.  :]  It would make for a great souvenir when we move back West?  hahah.

And today a friend posted this site, Transprtnation on my FB wall:

I think the Boston one looks more interesting, and it's more relevant to me since I take it almost everyday!  (The SF one is so... boring!)  I kiiiinda feel like it's sort of a knock off of the previous street-name-word for streets but in this case for transit.  But it's a neat spin and a transportation/design geek would love this.  (Easy gift at $25 a pop!)  :]

Do you like maps?  Design?  And cities?


  1. Love these! So much more unique than just a regular map for wall art!

  2. ohh, those are really cool! if they used the muni map instead of bart it would be more interesting i think!

  3. Have you heard of Ork Maps before? They do lots of cities. I'm thinking about getting this ( but I've also really liked the orange SF one for a while. There's Boston, too.

  4. WHAT?! It's of BART?! I didn't even look closely! I was like wow, Muni got really boring... But they HAVE added some a new line (or two?) since I've left town so I thought maybe it looked like that now. OUTRAGEOUS! BART is not SF! Boooo.

    I have heard of Ork Maps! Pretty cute. Except the Boston one... doesn't have our neighborhood! haha Since we don't technically live in Boston. :oP But I'd be interested in the SF one. :]


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