Saturday, September 3, 2011

the aftermath

Eastern Massachusetts got off pretty easy with Hurrican Irene, I think.  We only felt gusty winds and rain.  In our neighborhood there was a bunch of leaves and branches in the street and we only saw one downed power line a few blocks away.

Downed branches and tree limbs in Harvard Yard:

Everyone was preparing pretty seriously for it since I guess you never know which path it will take.  All the bottled water and flashlights were gone at Target except for one or two when we went to the store Friday morning (for the forecasted hurricane on Sunday).  The city sent out emails urging residents to stay indoors and to prepare enough water and food for at least three days incase water pipes sustain damage.  The MBTA (our subway/bus system) was SHUT DOWN all day Sunday, which is a big deal!

While we are thankful we "got off easy" with minimal damage, western Mass and other areas in Hurricane Irene's path did not: CNN Photos: Irene pummels East Coast.  Definitely put things in perspective how blessed we are that after the winds died down, we even went out to dinner that evening!  Irene might've threw a wrench into our weekend plans to take our visitors out of town a bit to see sea-side Rockport, but I'm glad we were all okay.  It was kind of like a rainy day in.  Though a bit too humid for hot chocolate.  :]

It was an interesting experience since I've never been in a hurricane before.  AND... my brother and cousin were here so instead of preparing enough water and food for two people for at least three days, it was now four mouths!  Though I don't think we took it as seriously as we should have (I did, I tried!) in terms of actually stocking up on water and food.  I bought a case of water and filled a few pitchers/jugs and picked up a few packaged snacks, but it probably wouldn't have been enough we were hit any harder.  We didn't even lose power, thank God!

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