Friday, November 25, 2011

birthday 2011

Is it too early for new year resolutions?  :]  I think I'd like to post more thoughtfully next year!  This is not the result of deep pondering but I'd like to think and use more words next week.

But it's still 2011 so here are more pictures!  A few weeks back we celebrated my birthday with dinner at Garden at the Cellar the evening before and a Tim Be Told concert!

"Homemade tator tots" - can we say fried balls of mashed potatoes?  :D 

My roast chicken dish that was meh.  :o\

Tim's hanger steak w/ delicious frites!

On Sunday/my birthday, I got to satisfy my hankering for curry katsu!  :D

In the evening, Tim Be Told concert at MIT!  It was super small (which was nice).

Tim Be Told!

The biggest surprise and my favorite present!  :D  Thanks honey!!

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