Monday, November 21, 2011

I haz internets!

HELLO!  I have not been blogging not by choice!  Our wireless went poops (needed a reset) but our landlords (who share their internets with us) had just left for a week in Europe!  I had to like read books... do crafts... have conversation... Man!  But they've returned and apparently, reset their router so I have internet now.  :D  For some reason it worked on my laptop but not Tim's computer the first day and then for the following 6 days, it worked on Tim's computer but not mine.  :(  So I got to check my mail and use the internet (also, thank goodness for smartphones!) but didn't really have the time or my pictures to blog!

Hopefully with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up (yay!) I can catch up!  :]

See you soon!

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