Tuesday, November 22, 2011

onesies for Jade

So we got baby Jade (or her parents?) a ducky hooded bath towel plus these onesies I made.  :)  They were all iron ons like from here!

Her daddy's a med student and her mommy's a nurse practicioner.  Appropriate, I'd say.  :D

Her daddy had taken to calling her Katana (as in the Japanese sword)  :D

This one is slightly like a previous one for Nevan but makes more sense now!  As in soccer + jersey makes a little more sense than a ducky + jersey.  o_O  ALSO, her parents both played a lot of soccer when they were younger!

I also made them this print and put it in a white frame.  To go with the ninja theme.  :D

This was too much fun.  Common'.  Someone else have a kid!  And... go!  ;]

1 comment:

  1. Jade is a pretty name :) and I love your ninjas! So cute cute cute


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