Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SCC concert!

If you know me at all... or at least if you've known me long enough, you know that my favoritest artist is Steven Curtis Chapman.  I know.  He's an old fogey.  :oP  But he does have great, new material!  (He also just became a grandpa!)

I believe this is my... 6th.. ish SCC concert?  :]  I've lost track.  haha.  I had to look at his discography to count the CDs that had tours that I went to.  :oP  There was one concert I have no recollection of but I had bought a very expensive t-shirt... so I must've went right?

This, I believe, was also my anniversary present.  :oP

Anyway... my husband is now my mandatory willing concert mate, and my old pal (from 6th grade, holla!) Courtney visited that weekend, so she went to the concert with us too!  It was in a random town an hour southwest in Shrewsbury, MA.

We got there kinda late so we got stuck behind this giant black screen by the sound booth.  BOO.

SCC opened.  OPENED with his openers and basically played alongside the whole concert.  LOVE that format.  It was really casual and fun and great.  :D

Andrew Peterson --- sings high.  Very high.

Josh Wilson --- pretty snazzy on that git-tar

It was a great time.  :D  However, he mostly just played... through the years... which is mostly fun I think if you've been along for the ride through the years.  I enjoyed it but it also "sounded" like the past few concerts of his I've been to.  A little more so this time since his latest CD is most remixes of his older tunes  plus like 3 new songs (which he did 2 of at this concert).  (See the uuuuugly black screen that was in our way??  We couldn't see when we sat.)

We went to Costco the next day. :D

All in all, it was a fun time and I will probably go to more concerts out of love and loyalty.  :oP  But I may require some more new material next time, SCC!  ;]


  1. Wow, six of his concerts!! You're like a fangirl! Hehe. I think I've only seen him play once.


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