Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amazon FTW!


Amazon is great.  :]

So a certain item that I wanted to get Tim for Christmas hit a one-day sale, so I snatched it up!  Since I have Amazon Prime, I usually get it in two days.  Perhaps since it was part of the one-day sale, it shipped out a little later, but was scheduled to arrive two days after it shipped.  I checked the tracking and it was suppose to be delivered by a company called Lasership.  I've only experienced Amazon deliveries from UPS, Fed Ex, and  USPS, but I was like okay, new company, fine.

So the package was suppose to arrive yesterday.  I got home from volunteering around 5pm, didn't see a package, so I went to check the tracking.  It said "Delivered -- front door."  I ran back outside and looked all around the front door, porch, bushes, etc.  Nothing.  I texted our landlords (who live upstairs) who were out most of the day I'm pretty sure and they didn't receive anything.  When Tim came home, I made him look for it on our back porch.  Nothing.

I freaked the poop out since Amazon has NEVER (I think.  If they have, I'm a very forgiving and possibly forgetful individual) failed me on two-day shipping since I've experienced the joys of Amazon Prime AND... the tracking said it was DELIVERED.  So I called Lasership who told me they'll tell their supervisor and sent me an email acknowledging they've received my request.  Dandy.

The Amazon website said to check with neighbors to see if they've received a package for you or to wait another day or two, but since two-day delivery has never failed me and it said delivered, I was pretty sure my package was STOLEN since there is actually a lot of traffic on our street.  (Foot and car traffic, though I didn't think anyone was going to STOP their car to steal a small package on someone's front porch.)  I was also worried that Amazon might think I was trying to swindle them, even though I wasn't and that I've given them hundreds, possibly thousands of my dollars and that I really do like them and mean them absolutely no harm and that my package was indeed lost/stolen!

So later in the evening, I emailed Amazon about my poor lost package and this morning when I woke up, I received an email saying they're sending another one right away on one-day shipping at no extra charge.  Can we say best costumer service EVAR?  Yes, my love for Amazon grows.  No questions, no telling me to wait, and just the thing to relieve my worries.

I'm good.

30 minutes ago, the doorbell rang and the USPS man dropped off an Amazon package for our landlords.  And... I find the Lasership package in my mailbox.  (Which was not there last night.)  STUPID LASERSHIP.  You're a big fat FAIL.  The fabulous Amazon customer service said I could refuse the orginal if it came or use their online return center to return it.

Oops.  I guess I should've waited.  One more Half a day.  But.  I will take a small bit of responsiblity for my overreactedness (based on resonable circumstance!) but also claim it wasn't entirely my fault that Lasership tracked it as delivered but didn't actually deliver it, and failed on two-day shipping.  I wouldn't have been as worried if they had tracked it as anything other than delivered (redeliver tomorrow, customer not home, "I took it home to keep it safe") and I'm PRETTY sure they could've put it in our mailbox, even if there was mail in it.

So in conclusion, Amazon is a winner, Lasership is not.  (Is it terrible I keep accidently typing Losership?)

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  1. it sounds like a cool company name..but maybe not such a cool company? my leasing office is notorious for losing my packages. *sigh*

    btw - sorry for not commenting on your posts in a timely manner! i don't know whats wrong with me! blahh


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